Elaaden: Little Mouse

Little Mouse

Location: Elaaden

Note– Because this requires so many random finds, it's fairly common to stumble across the endpoint before completing the quest. If this happens, SAM will announce setting a navpoint for the final location, but instead the quest just quietly resolves. That final navpoint is on the northeast side of the same ridge as the Boosting the Signal site for Elaaden. Discovering it before completing (or even activating) the quest will still give you the Viability bonus.

The quest itself is another hunt-the-thing-at-the-site quest. This time you're hunting datapads at scavenger and outlaw sites.

There are a number of pads to get to- so many that you might find them respawning at sites you've already visited, so don't be afraid to double check old sites as you pass by, particularly if you've been offwold in the meantime.

The final site is usually guarded by a Pariah, and Agent, and Anarchist. They must have a fascinating backstory, but it ends here when you kill them all, and gain a moderate Viability reward for examining the body.

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