Elaaden: Mind of An Exile

Mind of An Exile

Location: Elaaden

Follow a blue exclamation point to a shifty-looking character in Paradise Sands.

Talk to him, though no matter what conversational tack you take, things quickly become uncivilized.

As you walk away, Lexi comes over the comm and raises an *excellent* point- all these people where screened and selected to join the Initiative- how is that so many of them have become pirates, killers, and maniacs?

A number of navpoints will pop up around the Sands. Scan the people indicated by each one, starting with your new friend.

Some scans show a chemical imbalance, others are inconclusive.

Ether way, you still need to scan them all to complete the mission, get a minor AVP reward, and Lexi's promise she'll share the results once she has them.

You'll revisit this subject in the miniquest Gray Matter.

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