Elaaden: Out of Gas

Out Of Gas

Location: Elaaden

While driving around the north edge of the map, the NOMAD will randomly start to spark with electricity. Ryder will comment on it, and a minute or so later the vehicle will grind to a halt.

The Tempest can't extract you for… reasons, but by happenstance, a friendly native named Hardy comes on your comm channel to offer some help. Give your crew an idea of whether you trust this development or not, then follow your nav to his little camp in the dunes.

Talk to him to reveal that he makes a living by disabling vehicles, killing their drivers, and taking their stuff (he must be real good at it- we haven't seen a single other vehicle driving around Elaaden. Or anywhere else).

You can let him go on doing this if you like, but he is a confessed murder, and taking him out increases Elaaden's Viability. Either way, grab the part from the objective'd crate when you're done. The central shipping container here looks scannable, but yields no actual data.

Return to the NOMAD to restore functionality and reap your reward.

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