Elaaden: The Search for Ljeta

The Search for Ljeta

Locations: Elaaden, Kadara, Aya

Follow a blue exclamation point in New Tuchanka to find a blue-clad krogan musing on a balcony.

He misses an Angaran trader named Ljeta that has recently stopped coming around.

Follow up with the scavenger Velonia at Paradise Sands. No matter what dialogue options you pick, she'll reveal that Ljeta was last bound for Kadara Port. Dalton, the dockmaster then should know where she went.

On Kadara, talk to Colt. Like Velonia, he'll give up the goods no matter what you say.

Get her next destination from the harbor computer upstairs.

Now visit her at her final destination- the infirmary in Resistance HQ on Aya.

She doesn't want to talk to you, but persist to learn that she was badly assaulted on Elaaden, and now wants nothing to do with outsiders. Tell her "Don't Give Up" to persuade her to take Rorik's bracelet, and agree to visit him back on Elaaden… someday.

This ends the mission and grants a moderate Viability reward, though you can still follow up with Rorik afterwards for additional dialog.

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