Eos: Naming the Dead

Naming the Dead

Location: Eos

One of the rare un-navpointed quests, this one is a challenge to ID colonist bodies on Eos. Cheery.

There are seven bodies to discover, and you can find them all before the radiation clears. The first corpse you can find is Theo J Hartwell, in Promise (his body is also one of the possible sources for the main building door code). Find him lying by the far side of a building just north of the Forward Station here (later in the game, a vendor named Clancy will be right by this spot as well).

In the sister failed-city of Resilience, there are three corpses to find. At the west end of the main complex, near where all the energy barriers are, is Trenitus Gordanus. Note that this is the only body which will sometimes disappear after discovery.

Go around south of the main building and up the stairs to find the body of Thysa Ylar, asari, on the uppermost level.

The final body in Resilience is north and slightly east of the main building. By the east road of town, look for a large red tree and body of mayor Porter West.

At the northmost monolith site (where you meet Peebee), find Tegan Avante face down in the sand to the north, by the road.

At the next monolith site (the middle one), find Amira Pavlov amongst a cluster of bodies southwest of the central pad.

In the kett base by the last monolith, search the 'research' area inside to find the body of Darin Anton.

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