Eos: Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment

Location: Eos

Get this after founding your first Outpost. You'll see a new exclamation point marker on your radar- follow it to a building toward the northwest side of town.

Inside is a terminal with a message for help- one of the work teams has been trying to reprogram Remnant bots, and it's not going well.

Check for info on the wounded worker in the Med Bay (an objective marker will show the way). Scan the Medical Equipment here to gain the intel you need.

The work roster can be found in the larger building near the road into the hills (where Cain Fawkes hangs out). Follow your marker to terminal there to locate the missing team.

Hop in the NOMAD and churn uphill to the second monolith cluster (not the one where you met Peebee, and not the one with the Kett outpost). Here the marker will lead you to a comm array still linked to the rogue party.

Once you scan it, a clock starts counting down in the top right hand corner of the screen. You have to save the crew before it runs out, so don't dawdle as you NOMAD over to the next nav point. Luckily you don't have to actually exterminate the enemy in that time frame- the clock stops once you get close enough to the site.

Once all the Remnant are destroyed, talk to the colonists. No matter what you say, they'll learn a valuable lesson, and you'll earn XP and AVP.

Note that any dead colonists here do not count toward the Naming The Dead task.

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