H047-c: From The Dust

From the Dust

Location: H047-c

There are many mining domes on this ex-world, and they are all filled with hostiles. Also with valuable minerals, loot, and assorted goodies, so you should make a point of clearing out every dome you come across (they're highly visible, and will also be marked as points of interest on your map).

In the course of this raiding you will see some domes manifest a blue exclamation marker, and SAM will chime in about having detected an interesting datapad. Clear out the opposition and read the marked datapad to start this quest about an explosives plot.

Note that- because you can't access Forward Stations on this planet, most of these domes come equipped with Loadout stations that allow you to switch up your gear and squadmates. Handy. Follow your nav to two more datapads, remembering to carefully loot each dome (they are rife with scannables, containers, and mineral clumps). Using the pad data, SAM will generate a final navpoint to a double-dome in the north of the map.

The first dome is much like others- clear out the raiders and make for the door to the second dome.

This dome is much smaller, and you'll face a close-quarters fight with a swarm of adhi and a number of specialists, including the tougher-than-average krogan Krex.

Clear them, and loot the building here. Read the datapad to learn more about Wrex & Elora's plans, which completes this mission and activates The Remnant Tiller task. You also get a moderate Viability reward, though of course there's no boosting the viability of H0-47-c.

Note also that new hostiles appear in the larger dome as you exit, so will have to fight your way back to the NOMAD.

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