Kadara: A People Divided

A People Divided

Location: Kadara

Picking up straight after Murder in Kadara point, head out to a crimescene in the badlands. Which is weird, because the badlands are utterly lawless, with raiders and pirates try to kill you constantly, but this one is different, somehow.

Roll up and look around (note that this right next the location of the buried Kett transponder in Hunting the Archon). Inside the building you'll want to scan the corpse, the Angaran footprints leading out the door, the frying pan in the southwestish corner, at least one of the foot lockers, the bottle by the door, and finally the bloody Roekaar dagger, just back outside the door.

All this supports Reyes theory- he'll agree to meet you at the Roekaar hideout. Follow the marker to small shack in the hills.

Reyes isn't there, and it's so distracting that you're immediately captured without a fight

No matter what you say to Farah, she'll decide to kill you. Reyes rolls up to save the day (after a fashion) and then it's a fight.

Make a point of taking out the Saboteur first- his energy drain not only knocks out your shield, but also knocks you out of cover, making you vulnerable to a lucky sharpshot.

When things are clear, you can explore the caverns here (there containers in both the north and south branches), and read a datapad confirming Farah's hand in the murders. Still, the only quest requirement you have is to leave the base. Doing so triggers a last little convo with Reyes, and ends the mission.

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