Kadara: Healing Kadara’s Heart Pt 1

Healing Kadara's Heart Pt 1

Locations: Kadara

The monoliths of Kadara are surprisingly user-friendly, especially compared to their counterparts on Voeld. The first monolith is close to Kadara Port, though you'll have to drive around the nearby ridge and approach from the northeast, to find some entry stairs.

This 'lith needs three glyphs to activate. You'll find the first if you keep your scanner handy while climbing the stairs.

The next is on the base of a monolith to the left- the one closest to Kadara Port.

The last one does require some jumping- use the rocks to get up on the northeast monolith and scan the top.

Drop down to the console and solve the decrypt puzzle. Compared to Voeld it's a snap (start with the first blank in the top row).

The western monolith is in a small chasm- use the NOMAD to drop in from above. There's a battle going on between some red-clad Angarans and some red-clad bandits- try to shoot only the latter.

When you're done, talk to the Local Angara by the console, then go glyph hunting.

These are easy to find, and both are scannable from ground level. One is northish of the central console (just follow the power line).

The other is westerly, on the underside of a larger spire toward the entrance to this stony cul-de-sac.

Activate the console and- that's it. No puzzle, no nothing.

The last monolith can be a little confusing- the marker is actually the underground location of he console, but the cave entrance is some ways to the east.

You'll find a lot of dead Remant at the entrance, then raiders inside, stripping the monoliths. If you're wondering how mere raiders managed to take out that many bots, well, keep an eye out for the Hydra.

Once the opposition is clear, whip out your scanner. This monolith requires 4 glyphs, but half are near the entrance. The farthest is just above a uranium deposit, before the rise up to the monolith console area.

The next is on the right side of that ramp up onto the monolith console level.

Of the other two, one is on the near side of a left hand monolith as you enter the console area (you can scan it from ground level).

The last is on the base of the monolith just behind the console.

After that, activate the console. Like the last, it opens without a fuss. Pile back in the NOMAD and follow the lights to the new vault location.

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