Kadara: Kadara’s Ransom

Kadara's Ransom

Location: Kadara, actually.

Another random trigger sidequest. In this case, while busting random outlaw bases on Kadara, SAM will occasionally mention detecting a datapad, and they'll be highlighted with a special hand symbol.

The first pad you find will talk about the Collective holding an Outcast for ransom. The second pad will be the same, but reversed. The third pad reveals that it's all a plot by some local huckster to get the two parties to massacre each other, so he can loot all their gear. This pad gives SAM enough data to pinpoint a final location- a spot west of the outpost site.

Investigate the scene, but keep an eye out for (not very many) landmines in the area.

You'll find a final datapad by the corpse of the perpetrator- turns out he was killed in his own trap.

Reading the pad completes the quest, and Ryder commandeers the gear here for a small AVP reward.

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