Nexus: Broken Wires

Broken Wires

Locations: Nexus

Kick this one off after you've founded the first Eos outpost. The hydroponics area in the Nexus Docking Bay is now available- go to the second level and talk to an orange-suit named Shapiro.

He'll fill you in on some mysterious damage showing up around the Nexus. Agree to take the case, and you'll be following objective markers to scan for damaged machines. The closest is just across the way in the Cultural Center.

The other one in the docking bay area is an incubator in the newly accessible Tech Lab.

Take a tram to operations, and scan the console where you got all the software for the various scientist collection missions. I guess that explains the sparks.

Follow the last marker to Kesh's office, where you find A GIANT HEADCRAB, a stowaway from Eos. You can capture or it kill it, but it can probably offer more to science if its alive. Either way, you get XP for completing the mission.

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