Nexus: Cultivation


Location: The Nexus

This one's a collection quest, like the ones you get from the Three Scientists. The quest-giver here is an arrogant botanist (a recurring theme amongst Initiative personnel) in the Hydroponics section of the Docking Bay.

He'll task you with scanning 10 plants native to Andromeda. None of the scans you've already done count- these are particular plants he's looking for. Luckily they're all navpointed, so follow your marker for each (one note- try to get all the samples on a given planet in one go. If grab some, then leave, that planet may no longer have an objective marker in the systems view).

You'll find them on each of the four colonizable planets- remember that you actually need to pick them up, not just scan them. When you're done, return to Dr. Funtimes to complete the mission.

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