Nexus: Sleeping Dragons

Sleeping Dragons

Location: Nexus

One one trip back to the Nexus after the settlement of Eos, you'll find protesters in the Hydroponics section.

They're angry that you unfroze some people but not their people. No matter what option you pick, you'll have to take the matter up with Kandros, who will automatically call a meeting of the leadership elements together.

Ultimately, the choice is yours- appease the protesters by unfreezing their families, or have them escorted from hydroponics. There seem to be no long term ramifications either way, so follow your heart. If you do choose the eviction route, you'll be asked to go down and help keep the peace. Your choices here also have no long term effects, but a sympthatic choice tack will ensure all the protestors stay on board. Adhering to the more logical/professional route will cause Rhys (the orange-haired human) to leave the Nexus.

Your final conversation here closes the mission, but Kandros will mention the resolution next time you talk to him.

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