Voeld: End of Watch

End of Watch

Location: Voeld

This mission requires you to survey three battle sites on Voeld. It's easiest to start with the one almost directly between your outpost site and Kett Castle, in the frozen 'moat' that surrounds the latter.

This one sticks out because of the lit flare, amongst the fallen bodies on the ice.

Search the battlefield for a datapad, which will populate two new navpoints on your map.

Examine those sites as well- there's no fighting or puzzlry, just bodies and datapads. Viewing all three sites will allow SAM to determine a probable location for the Resistance fighters

Drive out to find all the fighters deads, and a kett ambush landing directly on top of the final datapad.Dispatch the bonegoons and read the datapad for quest completion, and a moderate XP reward.

Note that this whole scenario is sort of hinky- given what we learn of the kett, it's hard to believe they'd care whether a given settlement is full of combatants or non-combatants, and even harder to think that they'd simply massacre everyone, rather than abduct them for their nefarious schemes. Is there some deeper mystery here? Probably not- it's a standard war story, but it translates a little weirdly into this particular war.

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