Voeld: Intercepted


Return to the Angaran HQ on Voeld after your first visit, and new missions will spawn. Follow the exclamation point marker to a loose datapad for this one.

The 'pad talks about supply difficulties. The author, Olisk, should be hanging out on the lower level. have a chat.

He doesn't really like your meddling, but doesn't really want to stop you either. Hack his computer to get the drop point coordinates.

The site isn't close to anything noteworthy- just drive north of HQ till you get there (having upgraded the NOMAD's six wheel drive and boost capability helps a lot).

Arrive to find the place overrun with Roekaar.

Gun them down (they're small in number and no real heavies), then read a datapad on a crate for the backstory.

This completes the mission, granting you some shiny new Viability points (You don't even need to check back with Olisk- SAM does this automatically. Leaving only the question of why she doesn't do that more often…).

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