Helping Havarl’s Scientists

Helping Havarl's Scientists

There are many ways to win the Angarans' trust, on both Voeld and Havarl, but the path of the game tends to favor the latter, so that's where we'll start. But if you find yourself sick of the place, you can jet off to Voeld whenever you like, and still be working toward the main questline, such at it is.

Note that, for both of these planets, having Jaal with you smooths the way with the distrustful Angarans.

Land on Havarl, and advance straight ahead to Pelaav Research Station.

Inside, your objective marker will lead you straight to the head scientist, Kiiran Dals.

No matter what you say, she isn't exactly thrilled to meet you.

Still, she'll give you coordinates to the missing scientists, in a ruin to the east.

Head out, but be careful in the Havarl wilds. While the vegetation looks dense, enemies can still snipe you from extreme range, and with three flavors of foe on the ground, it can be easy to get ambushed by one threat, then ambushed by a second as you deal with the first.

With that in mind, head to the Monolith marked on your map (this is the same Monolith as in the Better Crafting task).

Inside is some regular Remnant resistance, plus one of the game's first Nullifiers. Push through and up the ramps to find a console and some stasis'd Angarans.

You need two glyphs to use the console here, but both are on ground level, each one fairly close to a frozen scientist.

Scan them, then solve the console.

When the scientists are awake, travel back to the main research station to check up on them.

Kiiran will apologize for dissing you earlier, and Jaal points out that this will earn you Evra's trust, if you haven't already earned it. This completes the mission, but immediately speak to Kiiran again to trigger the next main task-  A Dying Planet.

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