The Road to Platinum – Getting Every Last Achievement in RE:7

The Road to Platinum – Getting Every Last Achievement in RE:7



In order to get every achievement RE:7 has to offer, you're going to have the play game a minimum of 2 times. 3 is a more realistic estimate, and 4 offers a smoother road overall, though of course it means having to play the entire game 4 times, and the last time will likely be for a single achievement. Since this achievement doesn't offer any ingame bonuses (the way that certain other achievements do), you might take a moment to wonder if platinum is really worth it to you.

If so, read on!

The Hard Ones

You can get most of RE:7's achievements in a single playthrough, and virtually all the rest in a second. There are only three that stand out as being so labor-intensive that you need to structure a whole playthrough around them.

Just Get Me Outta Here – Finish the game in 4 hours or less. This is not so very hard to do, particularly if you've already played the game once. It does require attention to your goals however. Ideally, you'll have finished the collection quests in a prior walkthrough, and can focus all your attention here on the hustle. It is, of course, easiest to essay this one in Easy mode, which makes it possible to combine such a playthrough with the other two achievements below. (Note: while you can savescum all you like in service of this achievement, restarting after death continues to add minutes to your previous playthrough, so always load from the main menu).

Walk it Off – Complete the game using 3 or fewer First Aid Meds. Very doable, though again prior experience and Easy mode help. Note that the game specifies First Aid Meds- you can still use Steroids (four throughout the game) for a complete heal, and munch on raw herbs for a slight topoff. If you've already scored the defense scrolls from a previous walkthrough, you also have the power to block without taking damage, which is helpful for obvious reasons. Even without such supernatural aid, you can make use of the game's many savepoints to keep risk to a minimum.

Resource Manager – The requisite no-fun achievement. Go through the entire game only using the inventory box three times. You have to use the box three times in the course of the story, so what this means is you can't even get your bonus items from previous games until you're practically at the Boathouse Fight. An incredible pain that grants no bonuses or new content. The complete guide to this single achievement is here.


The Road Map – How To Get Everything

Playthrough 1: Normal Mode. Play the game and enjoy it! Explore its dark recesses, confront its terrors, and uncover its secrets. Also be sure to collect all the Files, Antique Coins, and Mr. Everywhere statuettes. See our full guide for more details, and check your stats throughout the game to make sure you haven't accidentally missed one (there are few points-of-no-return, so you'll have plenty of opportunities for collection). You'll also want to watch all the videotapes and, when you get the Choice, choose Mia.

Playthough 2: Easy Mode. Speed run time. Skip the videos (you can still buy everything even without the Coin from the Guesthouse) and the non-coin collectibles. Now that you know the game, four hours is more than enough time if you don't dawdle. You should definitely go for the 'Walk it Off' Achievement here and, if you're feeling tough, 'Resource Manager.' The latter means no access to your defense scrolls for most of the game, but if you can handle it, then it'll save you a whole playthrough later on. Now's a good time to pick up any of the combat achievements you missed the first time out. When you get to the Choice, pick Zoe.

Playthrough 3: Madhouse. The only achievements left should be Madhouse achievements. Madhouse mixes things up quite a bit, so be ready for surprises (and pain). Use our guide to get all 33 new coins, the Circular Saw to kill everything that moves, and your Scrolls to avoid damage. At the Choice, pick Mia (it'll be one less fight to endure).

Playthrough 4: Easy Revisited. If you didn't manage it in Playthrough 2, blitz through one last game to get 'Resource Manager.' True, you barely get to use your new infinite ammo item, but you'll have it when it counts (Boathouse fight & the final gauntlet). Pick Mia, just because it'll save you that extra four minutes.

And that's Everything.


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