Mr. Everywhere Locations

Mr. Everywhere Locations

1. In the Laundry Room, underneath the tape recorder

2. At end of the corridor leading to the Main Hall, amidst some jumbled furniture.

3. In the Main Hall, with a death wish

4. In the Rec Room, in a basket

5. By the Crow Door, in the Drawing Room filled with hunting trophies.

6. By the stairs leading to the Snake Door in the processing area, in with some bricks and buckets.

7. Under the steps to the door of Zoe's Trailer

8. Hidden among the beads in the Save Room of the Old House

9. Between a wooden pallet in the wall in the passage from the fireplace down to a basement room in the Old House.

10. On a shelf in the same underground cubby where you find the crank

11. On a table near the lantern-weighing scale, on the second floor of the Old House.

12. Just above the ladder to the attic in Lucas' old room. You'll need a bullet to get to it.

13. Perched atop a post in the large open area of the barn. Another bullet-only bobble.

14. Above the exit door of the Save Room with the D-Series Head and the cassette player.

15. Mixed in with the fishing net and lying sideways in the illuminated little shack as you cross from the Testing Area to the Boathouse.

16. On a railing in the blocked stairwell down from the Bridge on the Wrecked Ship, in the present.

17. In a rusty shaft accessible from 2F (the entry point has a little ladder icon on your map). Climb the ladder and look back for a bulletable bobble.

18. As you leave the swamphouse Save Room, glance back at the windowsill.

19. Deep in the mines, when there's a booby-trapped trapped flight of stairs to yoru right, follow the minecart tracks to your left. Smash a supply crate and look up to see a bobble hiding amongst some barrels.

20. On a shelf where you re-enter the Guest House – facing the couch where Mia had to rest for a bit.

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