Jack’s 55th Birthday – Guest House 1

Where to find everything in Guest House 1

Kitchen: Inventory and Jack.

Front Door Area: Two Spices by the Front Door, two Molded spawn as you return to the kitchen.

Upstairs (Tape Recorder Room) : One Molded spawns to the left.

Attic, main room: Blue Blaster, Spice, First Aid Med. Spawns 4 Molded.

Attic, side room: Two Cheap Wine, Spawns 1 Molded

Attic farthest room: Two Chicken, Two Spice

TV room: Spice, 2 Chicken (one in fireplace), Cheap Wine. Spawns 2 Molded

Library: 1 Chicken, spawns 3 Molded. The bobblehead starts at the back of the library, and floats toward the hall, eventually jumping to warpspeed out the window.

Bathroom: One Molded, Garbage (only useful when paired with Sugar, and there isn't any here)

Guest Phone (at the end of the hall with the Bathroom) 1 Chicken.

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