Crafting Guide (Easy & Normal)

Crafting Guide

For a game so merciless in some areas, crafting in RE:7 is surprisingly easy going. All 'recipes' consist of only two components, require no special equipment or crafting stations, and no time to execute. Nearly have your loot is going to be in component form, so use these combinations to make the most of your resources.


Chem Fluid + Herb = First Aid Med

Chem Fluid + Gunpowder = Handgun Ammo, 10 bullets

Chem Fluid + Supplements = Psychostimulants

Chem Fluid + Solid Fuel = Flamethrower Fuel, 100 units


Gunpowder + 10 bullets = Enhanced Handgun Ammo, 5 Bullets


Strong C.F. + Herb = Strong First Aid Med

Strong C.F. + Gunpowder = Enhanced Handgun Ammo, 10 Bullets

Strong C.F. + Supplements = Grenade Launcher Neuro Ammo, 2 rounds

Strong C.F + Solid Fuel = Grenade Launch Fire Ammo, 2 rounds


Note that there is an achievement for crafting all the recipes that use Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid (1st Place at the Science Fair).

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