General Gameplay Tips

Resident Evil : 7 – General Gameplay Tips

A Bullet Saved is a Bullet Earned

No surprise in the survival horror genre, but the resources in Resident Evil:7 are decidedly finite. On top of that, your inventory space is limited as well, all too often full of crafting components and keys shaped like farm animals to hold all the ammo you've found, which cuts your available firepower even further. Same goes for healing items. If you don't want to wind up in a sticky situation down the road, be sure to make every item use count. This might mean sneaking past enemies you could easily defeat, or risking a knife fight when bullets run low. Also be careful how you assign your quick keys- you don't want to accidentally use a high-end healing item to heal a mere scratch.


Most of the enemy encounters you'll have in RE:7 are trigger-based. Which is to say that, if you round a corner just in time to see some abomination wriggle into a secret passage, it's not like you could have caught it by getting there 10 second earlier. It'll always wriggle away precisely as you round that corner. If you're having trouble getting through an area, paying attention to what triggers attacks and events will let you better control the pace of the game, turning your deadliest enemies into puppets on a string (deadly, fleshrending puppets, but still).


Save rooms are absolutely safe. You can't be found while inside them, and even an enemy in hot pursuit won't follow you in. Remember their locations and keep note of any unusual ways to get there, because it's info that will save Ethan's life time and time again.

Check your Progress

In another rather thoughtful touch, RE:7 will keep track of your collectibles for you. From the pause menu, check your Stats any any time to see how many coins and bobbleheads you've found so far (note that bobbleheads are tracked across all playthroughs). Documents are even easier- go to your Map or Objectives Screen with [V], then select Files to see waht you'e alrady gotten. It'll even show blank spots for items you've yet to find. Get in the habit of checking these before moving to a new area, so you don't accidentally leave anything behind.

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