Criminal Activities

Criminal Activities:


Gang Hideouts:

* Find an intimidate a target(s) by performing a non-lethal take down. Profile the area to locate the target(s). Use knock down to take down the target(s) non-lethally.



Fixer Contracts:

* Getaway – Steal the requested vehicle and lose your pursuers. Deliver the vehicle to the drop zone undetected.

* Transporter – Deliver a selection of vehicles with clean plates and minimal damage.

* Decoy – Serve as a decoy by racing through strategic ctos monitoring points to attract police attention. Do not get caught.

* Interception – Reach the targeted driver and hack his data. Then take him out.



Criminal Convoys:

* Kill or knock down a target(s) in a moving convoy. Use any means necessary but beware of the target(s) allies.



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