Dressed In Peels

Mission 10: Dressed In Peels




Objective: Escape your cell


Well, looks like Aiden's now in the slammer. Good thing he still has his phone. Approach the door and look through it to watch a pair of guards arrive. One of them has a hidden camera, which is your ticket out of the cell. Immediately take control of the camera on the other guard (he should be further down the hallway) and when he rounds the corner at the end of the hall, you should be able to jump to another guard across the room. From this guard, you should be able to take control of a camera inside the security room and hack the panel inside to open Aiden's cell door.


Objective: Locate the survivor


This section can be very trial and error, as being sighted will immediately fail the mission (takedowns will also fail you as the hidden cameras will alert the guards that something is wrong when they stop working). Head out of your cell and immediately take cover behind the metal shelves ahead of you.


Now, you need to carefully run from cover to cover (using the cover prompts) along the left hallway until you reach the stairs heading down. Head down quickly and take cover behind the pillar at the base of the stairs straight away. Look for the nearby office door and head inside to find an audio log and the document you need to locate the survivor.



Objective: Access the network to view the exercise yard


A checkpoint will save your progress here, so backtracking isn't as bad. After the phone call, you may think you need to head upwards. Wrong. Head out of the left door and use the cover to reach the far end of the room. A button next to the metal gate can be hacked to open it, but be careful that the nearby guard isn't close enough to spot you. Race through the gate and take a left. You will see a guard in a security booth having a disagreement with another guard. Take cover underneath the window here (another checkpoint should trigger here).


Enter the camera on the booth guard and then quickly transfer to the other guard's camera. He will walk down the passage. As he does, look into the small room on the right to spot an access panel you can hack and the server access point you need. Hack in and play pipe dream.


Objective: Find the stadium survivor: Raul Lionzo


After succeeding, you will be in control of the cameras on the roof. The prisoner you are looking for is between two walls in the center of the area being harassed by a pair of guards. After a short altercation, they will leave with your target.



Objective: Get to the survivor in the basement


After the guards leave, you will be back in control of Aiden. It's time to move. Aiden needs to enter the elevator at the other end of the hallway without alerting the guards nearby. Hack the nearby control panel to open the metal gates in the hall and move to the end of the security booth quickly (the guard will see you but shouldn't reach full alert). Stop there and hack the elevator doors and once they are open, dash inside and behind the door to get out of sight. Now Aiden is inside, activate the lift controls to descend to the basement.


When Aiden arrives, the floor will appear deserted. Hack into the control panel to the right inside the security booth to locate the guards and your target. You need to find the access panel that opens the door to the room (it will have an objective marker on it, making it easy to spot). Once the door is open, it's time for Aiden to burst in and shoot the place up (thankfully a gun has been provided).


Objective: Take out the corrupt guards


Enter the metal doors at the end of the corridor and immediately take cover behind the cart in front of you. Grab the shotgun next to the cart and start firing back. The regular guards won't pose much threat against your superior firepower and cover, so chew through them until an enforcer appears.


These guys can be much more dangerous (anyone remember juggernauts from CoD?) and will move towards you slowly while protected by thick armour. Keep in mind the idea of falling back. Shoot the enforcer until he is nearly at your position and then fall back to a new one. After a barrage of bullets, the enforcer will eventually fall and another pair of guards will burst into the room (opening the door to the survivor in the process). Take care of the final two enemies and the coast will be clear.



Objective: Confront the survivor


Head into the newly accessible room and unlock the door to enter a cut-scene. After the cut-scene it will be time to leave.


Objective: Exit the prison


Walk to the nearby marker and grab your gear. After a quick change, Aiden will be back on an upper floor of the prison, near a side exit.


Objective: Escape the police


Travel down the hall and into the security office at the end. Inside you will find an audio log and you can look through the glass window here to hack the access panel controlling the metal gate blocking the path. Approach the metal door leading outside and get ready to run for a car. Emerge into the sunlight and make a dash for the nearest set of wheels (to the right in my case). You are on the top of a parking structure.


But fret ye not. A convenient shipping container at the far end of the floor makes a brilliant ramp. Gun the motor and head up and out. You will likely land on the busy street below. One thing that differs in this chase is that a helicopter will be on Aiden's tail, as well as the regular cops. The best way to avoid it is pure speed as it has trouble keeping up with quick escapes. Do your best to lose the heat and once you do, the mission will be over.



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