No Turning Back

Mission 07: No Turning Back




Note: Stock up on everything before starting this mission as you will most likely need it.


Objective: Reach the merlaut hotel


Time to end everything back where it all started. How appropriate. Cross the grounds to the hotel.


Objective: Eavesdrop on Quinn's party and find him


Before reaching the hotel, the marker will point out an access panel you can use to observe the party inside.


Objective: Follow Quinn and the mayor


Watch the events unfold, and when Quinn and the mayor move to a new room, follow them. After they part, your objective will change.



Objective: Access hotel's network and disable security


Take control of the camera in the room to the right (grabbing the audio file on the table if you want) and hack the marked panel on the wall for some more pipe dream. It's a lot easier than the Defalt hacks, so it shouldn't take long. Once you are in the security room camera, hack into the security panel and take down security. Or not. You can jump onto the guard's camera and kill him with an explosion, but I am unsure how this impacts anything.


Objective: Infiltrate the hotel


Don't go through the front door. Instead, travel around the south side of the hotel to find a side door with an access panel you can unlock. The door beyond needs an explosion to open it. This lures a few guards (making them easy targets). Due to the number of elite enemies here, silenced pistols are of little use. If you want to go stealth, take-downs are the only real option. Move down the hallway, luring and picking off any enemies you can until you reach the large central area.


At this point you will probably be seen and pulled into a firefight. Retreat down the hallway if needed (making sure to take out any enemies trying to circle round from outside and attack you from the rear). The hallway is a brilliant spot to deal with enforcers if they arrive (as reinforcements), so chuck down some IEDs if they appear.


Once you successfully clear the floor, head towards the elevator and press the button. Don't relax. Instead pull out your biggest rifle and aim it at the lift doors. An elite soldier will be in the lift when it arrives and will promptly try to kill you.


Objective: Reach Quinn's office


Blast him away and take the lift up. After arriving upstairs, a cut-scene will take over and towards the end you will use your focus abilities to break free and pursue Quinn.



Objective: Fight your way across the rooftop


Didn't we just do this. More enemies fill the rooftop. Including an enforcer who is right outside the door when it opens on the other side of the office. Use your grenades or IEDs to knock him off balance and finish him quickly. The rest of the rooptop requires a cover based, methodical approach. Take your time, move only if you have to and use your superior weaponry to defeat all the enemies present. By now, dealing with this many enemies should be all in a days work. Enter the other side of the building for an objective update.


Objective: Find Quinn


Head down the corridor to the only room you can access. Undeneath the desk here is a hidden button that will reveal Quinn's location (and an audio file).


Objective: Profile lucky Quinn


Scan Quinn to work out how to get him inside that impenetrable box. Watch the cut-scene to find out what's going on and finish off Quinn.


Objective: Download the video


So this is what all the fuss is about. Download the video and head back to the corridor.


Objective: Escape the hotel


This is it, a level four police chase is surrounding the hotel and you are stuck on the roof. Follow the markers to reach outside.


Objective: Escape the police


A chopper will be circling above. Use the disable skill or a grenade launcher to get rid of it and descend to ground level in the nearby lift. Jump out of the lift and sprint to the corner of the hotel away from the police. Several taxis will be nearby and you should use one as your getaway car.


You will need to use all the skills you've developed in police evasion (as well as helicopter disabling) to escape successfully. There is no easy way out of this one, so it's up to you to evade the cops. Look at the video to see a successful example. but keep in mind, there is no simple escape strategy.



Objective: Race to save Clara


Clara's in trouble and it looks like Aiden is going to the rescue. Hop in a new car and burn rubber for the cemetery.



Objective: Eliminate the hitmen


At the end of the cut-scene, Aiden will enter focus mode once more. Take out as many as you can while time is slowed and then swap to a better gun to deal with them. After the other firefights in this mission, these guys should be a piece of cake. After it's all over so is the mission. Time for the final act and final mission.


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