Stare Into The Abyss

Mission 11: Stare Into The Abyss




Objective: Locate a guard with the access code


Yep, time to take control of another ctos control center. Take control of a camera in the area and look for a patrolling guard with a hidden camera in the north side of the area. Take control of his camera and he should walk past the guard with the access code (in the north west corner).



Objective: Download access code


Grab the code and back out of the camera. Now Aiden will need to go in personally.


Objective: Hack the ctos server


At the south end of the restricted area, you should find a lift that Aiden can use to get to the upper area above. From here, carefully drop down using the garden beds and round the corner into the room with the access panel when it is safe. When you are in safely, get out of sight and hack the panel. Of course you could also open fire on the guards and kill them all before stepping over their corpses to reach the panel. Either way is fine. Complete the pipe dream puzzle and hack the server to gain control.


Objective: Leave the area


If you time your run well, you can backtrack the way you came to the south-west corner of the area, take down the lone guard at the gate and open the gates to escape. Or just walk out if you killed everyone. Leave the search area and the marker for the mission proper will appear on the map. Jump in a set of wheels and drive to the new location.


Objective: Hack the ctos box to find Crispin


Make a beeline for the nearby map marker and hack the access panel on the back of the building. Another game of pipe dream ensues. Once Aiden is successful, he will be in control of a camera inside the car showroom. Watch the cut-scene and a new objective will appear.



Objective: Eliminate Crispin


Depending on how this is dealt with, there are two branching paths for taking out Crispin. Skilled players can cause a panic in the showroom and kill Crispin when he tries to reach the purple car in the middle of the showroom (grenades and other explosives work well combined with an accurate assault rifle or sniper rifle). Using stealth to reach Crispin is practically impossible with the bunched up nature of the enemies and well lit interior.


If Crispin manages to get to the car, you will have to chase him down instead. Use your neutralize abilities and deal as much damage as you can to the purple car to finally stop it. When he does, throw a grenade or simply run over him (like I did in the video, hilarious). The chasing guards can be annoying but you should be able to get him (remember to spend your skill points if you are having difficulty – more battery power, car skills and neutralize options make this chase much easier.



Objective: Hack Crispin's phone to obtain data


Whichever method you use, you will need to hack Crispin's phone afterwards. This means clearing all the enemies in the showroom or on the road before accessing the data. You can evade the car pursuit and come back if you need to. The game doesn't require you to stay within the area thankfully.


Objective: Go to the private lounge, infinite 92


After finding a new destination, hop in a car and travel to the lounge. After heading through the door as Crispin, the host will personally escort you in.


Objective: Follow the host


Stick to the host until you reach your destination and a cut-scene will take over. Enjoy.



Objective: Leave infinite 92


On the way out, scan the patrons for some cash and a car if you like and then head outside once more. Grab a car outside, listen to some conversation and the mission will end.


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