The Defalt Condition

Mission 04: The Defalt Condition




Objective: Enter the ambrose theater discreetly


Pull out the profiler and head to the alley on the south side of the theater. You should see an access panel to hack that will jump you to a camera inside. From here, unlock the access panel and you can now use the side door next to the main entrance to head inside.


Objective: Profile guests to get to Defalt


Aiden will have to scan the crowd (including upstairs) to find enough info to locate Defalt. Most guests profiles will be deactivated. A few on the other hand will display with red borders and the message follow me (as well as the windows loopback address These are the profiles you have to hack. Make sure to use the cameras above to find profiles on the upper floor. Be thorough and you will find all that you need.



Objective: Hack Defalt's server


Once you have enough profiles, you will be able to hack Defalt's server. Jump into the cameras above the dance floor and move around until you can see the marker to find the server. Multiple large scale pipe dream puzzles will confront you here. If you haven't got the hang of these yet, watch the video. Otherwise, power through them to get Defalt's attention. After a few seconds, Defalt will trigger a blackout and it's time to chase the rat.


Objective: Chase Defalt


Ignore any sparks and flashes as you run after the rat. You will have to climb several times during this chase as well. Follow the rat to the roof (how he runs in that mask I have no idea). As you burst onto the rooftop, take cover immediately.



Objective: Fight your way across the rooftop


Fixers will be strewn across the roof. Watch high and to the right to avoid being flanked by the fixers on the upper level. By now you should have a top end armoury and access to plenty of explosives. So let loose and clean those fixer's clocks. After eliminating the fixers in the area, Defalt will start to run again.



Objective: Chase Defalt and keep him in range


Drop down off the roof (following the marker) and grab a car as fast as you can. Defalt will tear away leaving you in the dust if you are too slow. Catch up with Defalt as quickly as you can and the objective will change.


Objective: Download the data


You need to get as close to Defalt's car as you can without killing him until you have retrieved all the data. This chase can be difficult and will most likely put your driving skills to the test, but keep on him and eventually the bar will fill up.



Objective: Take down Defalt


Time to splat the rat. Now you can use your car and skills to destroy the car and finally take out Defalt. He was a real pain. After the rat is splatted, the mission will conclude.


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