The Future Is In Blume

Mission 04: The Future Is In Blume




Note: This mission and the next one occur back to back, so stock up on everything (especially explosives and crafting components) as there are some heavy firefights in the next mission and you will not be able to stop and stock up.


Objective: Reach blume


Jump in a set of wheels and head for the marker showing the Blume complex.



Objective: Infiltrate blume unseen


When Aiden arrives, head to the south west corner of the complex and take control of the camera there. An access panel in the same corner (a guard patrols right next to it) is inside the small alcove next to the south west corner (follow the access panel trail from the gate if you are having trouble locating it).


After opening the gate, you will want to take down the three guards on your path to the marker. After taking them down, interact with the panel and take cover while Aiden accesses the network. Keep in mind you will need to perform the whole infiltration without being spotted.



Objective: Profile the ctos box


Don't be too hasty to leave. Your next objective will take you to the central structure of the complex. Head towards the marker (your way should be clear) and profile the box.


Objective: Find and activate the ctos boxes


Aiden will have to follow the data trails to two access panels. One is in a security office in the north west corner of the base on an upper level (the stairs in the structure against the west wall of the complex allow you access to the upper level). The second is to the north east in a small security room.


As long as you are cautious (two guards are leaning against the wall at the north-most end of the central building and will spot you if you take longer than a second to take them down) reaching the north east box should pose little problem. You should only have to take down one guard if you take the direct path from the central structure.


The north west box can pose a problem though as two guards are watching the top of the steps on the west side which leads to the box. Head to the steps, but before emerging rotate the furthermost away solar panel. This should distract both of them, allowing Aiden to sneak up behind both of them and take them down. Head inside the office here to activate the second box.



Objective: Break into blume's network unseen


Head back to the central structure and hack into the now active panel. A pipe dream puzzle will follow with an interesting event happening in the server room.


Objective: Locate Damien's meeting


Jump on the server room guard's camera and then into one of the cameras in the room through the door he travels through. Watch Damien's meeting and a new objective will appear.



Objective: Exit blume


Carefully make your way back to the gate you came in by and head outside to the nearby marker to immediately begin the next mission.


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