Mission 09: Uninvited




Objective: Destroy the truck with ieds


Well, this mission starts with a bang. Select the IEDs from Aiden's weapon wheel and use RB to toss one onto the truck and step back a bit. Hold X (Xbox) or Square (Playstation) to detonate it and see the results.



Objective: Reach the sienna brick factory


Restock your IEDs from the nearby box and head to the new marker on the map to enter the factory. Hack the gates when you arrive to get inside. Cautious players will want to examine the area thoroughly to pick out the spots where the ambush participants will arrive and station themselves. One of the most important being the tire tracks, indicating where enemies will appear in cars shortly.


When you are confident about explosive placement locations, head into the nearby office to find an audio log and a monitor you can interact with to review some footage of enemy placement. After watching this a timer will begin and a new objective will flash up.


Objective: Prepare an ambush against the viceroy hitmen


First things first, place IEDs at the two wheel tracks locations and close the shutters to the office (this will prevent enemies seeing and detecting you easily, the office is also a good cover spot if things go wrong). The other IEDs can be placed wherever you like (guard locations, at the doorway to the office to prevent intruders or anywhere else).


Objective: Viceroys incoming, find a good vantage point


Before the countdown ends, station yourself inside the office and watch for the arriving cars. As soon as they park, detonate the IEDs under them (You may pick up the Black Hat Trick achievement here for killing three enemies with one IED here).



Objective: Eliminate all of Iraq's crew


If you time it well you will kill nearly all the regular enemies and seriously damage the enforcer/s with them. Quickly deal with any enemies trying to call in reinforcements and then fall back inside the office to deal with any surviving enforcers. Pull out your strongest weapons (assault rifle or sniper rifle) and open the shutters to get line of sight on the enforcer before firing.


You should be able to take the enforcer out before he even gets close, but if you planted an IED and the entrance, wait until he steps over it and then detonate it. Boom, no more enforcer. Any remaining enemies should be easy pickings and once you are done, pick up some ammo and weapons if you want (the enforcers gun is a likely option).


Objective: Hack the phone to intercept the call


Head to the objective marker and interact with the phone.


Objective: Hack Bedbug's call


After listening in it seems Tyrone doesn't have a clue what happened. Aiden quickly fills him in.


Objective: Take down the fleeing viceroy


After a few seconds, a new objective will show up. A final Viceroy survivor will be standing on the edge of the factory site and will flee after finding everyone is dead. Find the nearest wheels you can and burn rubber after him. Neutralize or take him down with your vehicle and then run him over or shoot him if he gets out. Thankfully he doesn't have backup, so taking him down is pretty easy.



Objective: Reach Bedbug's location


Bedbug will be with some gang members in a park a fair distance away. Hop in a car and when you get close, you will see him get out with the other members.


Objective: Follow Bedbug undetected


Approach the marker on foot and tail him stealthily until a new objective appears.


Objective: Call Bedbug


Aiden has a short chat with Bedbug and as a result of Bedbug's panic, his allies leave.


Objective: Hack the terminal to display Bedbug's blackmail


Move Aiden along the cover until you reach the nearby marked terminal. Hack it to scare the pants off Bedbug and end the mission.



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