Way Off The Grid

Mission 15: Way Off The Grid




Objective: Enter the bunker


Fast travel to the bunker and head inside for some cut-scenes and a new objective. Time to start tracking.



Objective: Reach the location of Kenny's last signal


Walk back outside and grab some wheels to head towards the new location. When you arrive, it turns out you and Clara aren't the only ones interested in Kenny's whereabouts.


Objective: Eliminate all fixers


A handful of fixers will be at the site already, but should pose little threat to Aiden. Head inside and take them out quietly.



Objective: Start the data upload


Once the area is clear, a marker will point out an old PC in the back of the area. Walk over to it and interact with it to start retrieving data from it. Unfortunately some more uninvited guests will begin arriving shortly afterwards.


Objective: Defend the area until the upload is complete


When the fixers start arriving, you will most likely want to use the catwalk as your defensive position to shoot the enemies on the ground floor. Stealth isn't really an option here, so use your strongest weapons to mow down the enemies that appear.



Objective: Eliminate all fixers


Once the upload is complete, fixers will stop arriving and you just need to finish off the remaining forces. When the room is clear, a new objective will flash up.


Objective: Wipe the hard drive


Approach the lone PC again and interact with it to wipe the hard drive. Oh no, a pair of fixers is getting away… in a fire truck.


Objective: Chase down and eliminate the fixer


You will need to be particularly aggressive in dealing damage during this chase sequence, due to the fire truck's massive supply of health. Grab the nearest car and use every neutralize and ramming opportunity you can to inflict damage. No allies will arrive to help the fleeing fixers, but you may trigger the police scanner. If this happens, use a couple of jammers to escape it safely and continue smashing the fire truck. Eventually it will stop moving. When it does, hop out and shoot the two fixers and the mission will be over.



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