Fox Sports College Hoops '99
1998 Cleveland Indians team

Select an exhibition game and choose "St. Joseph" as a team.

Unlimited fouls

Press C-Down to intentionally foul out all the bench players on your team until only five players remain. Then the remaining players may get an unlimited number of fouls.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the secret code screen in the options menu.

NOFANSNo crowd
GHOSTAll players partially visible
NOGGINBig heads
TRAILSTrails follow behind ball
BUZZZDisable shot clock
Z-WOODPlay on Z-Axis court
THIRTY60 second game
TEAM-ZProgrammer team
FFWOODFinal Four stadium
HOMIEMore home team fouls
MONKEYAlternate commentary


Game Shark Codes

Home Team Infinite Time Outs8012A4D4 0006
Home Team No Time Outs8012A4D4 0000
Home Team Scores 08012A4D2 0000
Home Team Scores 1508012A4D2 0096
Home Team Score Modifier8012A4D2 00??
Away Team Infinite Time Outs8012A4EC 0006
Away Team No Time Outs8012A4EC 0000
Away Team Scores 08012A4EA 0000
Away Team Scores 1508012A4EA 0096
Away Team Score Modifier8012A4EA 00??
Infinite Shot Clock8112A4BC 4210
Press GS Button For 1 Second Shot Clock8912A4BC 3FC0

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