Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween


Easy "Phantom Of The Theatre" achievement

The Theatre appears in front of the Toy Store after you exit the Dark Forest near the end. Select the following order of sentences in under 90 seconds to get the "Phantom Of The Theatre" achievement:

    1. Once there was a cat who refused to be a toy.
    2. Although wooden, thick and flat, it came up with a ploy.
    3. It overheard a saying: Eyes are mirrors of the soul.
    4. It shrieked and shrilled and smiled at last: You'll never catch me whole.
    5. Sitting 'cross the mirror it imagined self alive.
    6. And sat so long and thought so hard and let the image thrive.
    7. Unobserved and unperceived suddenly arose.
    8. Suspicious claim that cat's the same, and it's clearly false.

Easy "Prometheus' Way" achievement

At the start of Chapter 4, you will enter a location called "Debasement". Collect the candle found on the lowest step of the staircase. Go up to the "Upscares" (in front of the child and parents' rooms), and collect the poker in a pot on the right side. Go back down to the "Debasement", and use the poker on the fireplace to open it. Put the candle in it to start a mini-game where you have to "walk" with a lit candle. To get the "Prometheus' Way" achievement, you have to complete the task on your first attempt. If the candle is extinguished, you have to start from the beginning of the game. You must prevent the candle's flame from going out by moving the pointer in the opposite direction of where the flame is moving and clicking.

Easy "Shortcutter" achievement

Once you reach the area in the game where you are supposed to walk through the Dark Forest following letters on trees, instead of spelling the usual "Back To Den", spell "Shortcut" instead to get the "Shortcutter" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Apprentice pumpkineer: Solve 3 mini games.
    Boyscout: Complete the labyrinth without timelapse.
    Brainstorm trooper: Complete all the mini games (without skip).
    Connoisseur of wines: Read all the wine labels in the cellar.
    Detective Gadget: Upgrade 3 giztruments to level 3.
    Easy prey: Play 5 games of matches with Lemuel.
    Gizard's apprentice: Acquire 2 giztruments.
    GIZMO: Upgrade 3 giztruments to level 2.
    Globetrotter: Go Everywhere.
    Massacre in the gourd street: Seek and destroy all the pumpkins in the pumpkin world.
    Phantom of the Theatre: Complete the Theatre mini game without hints/in less then 90 sec.
    Prometheus' way: Carry an olympic thorch without excess.
    Pumpking: Finish all achievements.
    Shortcutter: Take a shortcut.
    The taming of the gourd: Meet 2 animals.
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