Cuphead Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Cuphead Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Cuphead Secret boss fights

After downloading the 1.2 Update, complete the indicated task to fight the corresponding secret boss:

    Secret Boss 1 – Little Radish (The Root Pack): Go to Isle 1 and fight The Root Pack. During the battle, defeat the Potato but do not attack the Onion that appears after him. After a certain amount of time has passed, a Radish will instead appear. The Radish will appear with the Carrot for the final round.

    Secret Boss 2 – Puppet Cuphead (Djimmi The Great): Go to Isle 2 and fight Djimmi The Great. Once you reach the third round, transform your airplane into the smallest form. Djimmi will reveal a Puppet Cuphead that fights alongside him in the end of the fight.

    Secret Boss 3 – Sally’s Sweetheart (Sally Stageplay): Go to Isle 3 and fight Sally Stageplay. During the first round, parry off the heart-kisses to jump onto the cherub angel platforms on the left/right corners of the arena. Stand on the cherub until you hear a cracking sound effect. Then, stand on the opposite cherub angel, and both platforms will collapse. The stage will collapse and crush Sally’s paramour in the background. He will now appear in the final phase of the fight as a blue angel, helping her with attacks of his own.

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2-Strip mode

Talk to the fork standing outside the shop in Inkwell Isle 3 to get a hint about getting A’s in the game. Get mostly “A” grades for all the Boss fights on the “Checklist” (a few “B” grades are acceptable). Then, talk to the fork again to unlock the “2-Strip” filter, which changes the display to a two strip limited color palette.

Black & White filter and Vintage mode

Talk to the turtle sitting on the dock in Inkwell Isle 3 to get a hint about seeing the game in gray. This is referring to completing the platforming levels with a “Pacifist” rank (do not shoot any enemies). The following are the six platforming levels:

    Forest Follies
    Treetop Trouble
    Funfair Fever
    Funhouse Fazzle
    Perilous Piers
    Rugged Ridge

You must complete each platforming level without shooting an enemy using your gun; however, supers that grant invincibility, dashing, and parrying are allowed. Use the smoke bomb to move past enemies untouched and the invincibility super to get past bosses. Also, use your parry to defeat enemies and build your super. Successfully complete a platforming level without shooting an enemy to get a “P” grade and have the flag outside have a “P” on it. Successfully complete all six platforming levels with a “P” grade, then talk to the turtle again to unlock the “Black & White” filter (changes the display to black and white, giving a more 1930s retro style) and Vintage mode (alters the audio).

Expert mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Expert difficulty.

Alternate endings

Successfully complete the indicated task once you fight The Devil at the end of the game to unlock the corresponding ending:

    Bad Cuphead ending: Start fighting The Devil, and agree to give him the Soul Contracts when asked during the opening cutscene. In this ending, both Cuphead and Mughead are seen having gone insane and are rotting in hell with The Devil.

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    Good Cuphead ending: Start fighting The Devil, but choose not to give him the Soul Contracts when asked during the opening cutscene. Then, defeat The Devil to view the “Good Cuphead” ending. In this ending, you run home and tell everyone they are now safe. Everyone is happy in the ever after.

All hidden coin locations

Search the indicated locations to find all seven hidden coins:

World 1: Inkwell Isle 1

    1. Successfully complete the tutorial to get the first coin.

    2. Defeat all the bosses in Inkwell Isle 1. The Axeboy will then move aside and the second coin can be found in the trees.

World 2: Inkwell Isle 2

    3. Go to the Aviary Action Boss stage, then go behind it. Move to your right to locate a shortcut to the other side of the island. Take the shortcut and reach to the Gingerbread Girl in front of Aviary Action to get the third coin.

    4. You will meet a juggler near the Dragon’s level. Complete his challenge (parry four times before landing), then return to him to get the fourth coin.

    5. Near the exit to Inkwell Isle 3 is a green shack with the fifth coin in front of it.

World 3: Inkwell Isle 3

    6. Look behind the stand near the theatre to find the sixth coin.


    7. Look behind the stairs outside the casino to find the final coin to the left of the stairs.

All bosses and ending

The following video shows all Boss battles in Cuphead and the ending.


    00:00 – The Root Pack
    01:20 – Goopy Le Grande
    03:02 – Hilda Berg
    04:57 – Cagney Carnation
    06:10 – Ribby and Croaks
    08:24 – Baroness Von Bon Bon
    10:02 – Beppi The Clown
    12:04 – Djimmy The Great
    14:07 – Grim Matchstick
    15:51 – Wally Warbles
    17:56 – Rumor Honeybottoms
    19:38 – Captain Brineybeard
    20:51 – Sally Stageplay
    22:43 – Werner Werman
    24:09 – Dr. Kahl’s Robot
    26:34 – Cala Maria
    28:19 – Phantom Express
    31:05 – King Dice
    35:42 – The Devil (final Boss)
    39:06 – Ending

Easy Cagney Carnation (flower) boss fight

During the Cagney Carnation (flower) boss fight in Inkwell Isle 1, when he is about to launch his seeds, quickly dash into his seeds (you will take damage and not get a perfect score). Then, go back on the platform and Cagney Carnation will be frozen in that state, allowing you to easily defeat him.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Taking Names: Defeat a boss.
    A Walk in the Park: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I.
    A Day at the Fair: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II.
    A Trip Downtown: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III.
    Casino Night: Complete the Casino.
    Put On a Show: Get an S-Rank.
    Sheriff: Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I.
    Boss: Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II.
    Mayor: Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III.
    King: Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell.
    Magician Lord: Obtain all Super Arts.
    Butter-and-Egg Man: Buy everything in Porkrind’s Shop.
    Coffers Full: Get every coin in all of the levels.
    Parry Persistance: Complete 20 parries.
    Parry Performance: Complete 100 parries.
    Beat The Devil At His Own Game: Complete the game on Expert.
    Perfect Run: Complete a level without getting hit.
    Porcelain Power: Defeat a boss with a Super Art.
    Ceramic Strike: Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move.
    Bouncing Ball: Parry five times before hitting the ground.
    Souls Saved: Complete the game on Normal.
    Swing You Sinner: Defeat the Devil.
    High Roller: Get every coin in the game.
    Pacifist: Complete all levels without killing an enemy.
    Rolling Sixes: Defeat King Dice without taking a hit.
    Bravo Zulu P-26: Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets.
    Cutting Corners: Find a shortcut.
    Selling Out: Give in to the Devil.
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