Demon’s Souls Remake Cheats and Codes for PlayStation 5

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Demon’s Souls Remake Cheats and Codes for PlayStation 5

Demon’s Souls Remake Summary

Released in 2020, Demon Souls Remake is an action roleplay game that remakes the original Demon’s Souls title for PlayStation 3 in 2009. Published by Bluepoint Games and developed by Sony Interactive EntertainmentDemon’s Souls Remake has received enthusiastic and positive reviews for its improvements over the original game, technical aspects, and versatile gameplay.

Premise of the Game

Demons Souls screenshot
Scary creatures require heavy weaponry to defeat.

The end is near in Boletaria of Demon’s Souls Remake as the primordial demon known as the Old One awakens from a deep sleep. With his awakening, he influences apocalyptic events and summons powerful archdemons to assist in the destruction of humanity. With the help of new weapons, armor, rings, and grains, the characters in Demon’s Souls Remake’s mission is to stop the Old One from engulfing all of humanity. However, a new added challenge to this series is a mirror mode, reversing the layout of the environments called the Fractured World.

Main Characters in Demon’s Souls Remake

The Slayer of Demons character
The Slayer of Demons character

Demon’s Souls Remake’s main protagonist is the Slayer of Demons. No other character’s players can assume the role, but there are characters within the game that are pivotal to the storyline.

  • Stockpile Thomas: Keeper of items players either already have or may need throughout the game.
  • Blacksmith Boldwin: Blacksmith to repair equipment and sell items.
  • Maiden in Black: Summons the Slayer of Demons soul to the Nexus.
  • The Monumental: The last pillar sustaining the Nexus and the sanity of the world.

Titles in the Series

Demons Souls combat with creature
Demons Souls combat with creature on fire

The Demon’s Souls remake was the final title in the series released in the Soul franchise, also known as the Dark Souls games. Here is a list of the other titles in the series.

  • King’s Field (1994)
  • Demon’s Souls (2009)
  • Dark Souls I (2011)
  • Dark Souls II (2014)
  • The Lost Crowns Trilogy DLC (2014)
  • Scholar of the First Sin (2015)
  • Bloodborne (2015
  • Dark Souls III (2016)
  • Dark Souls Remastered (2018)
  • Demon’s Souls Remake (2020)

Demon’s Souls Remake Cheats and Codes

Demons Souls Screenshot
The Slayer of Demons getting ready for pending danger

Demon’s Souls Duplicating items

This glitch requires another player and a way to manually backup the saved game data. The easiest way to manually backup the saved game data is by uploading it to the PlayStation Plus cloud service. Then, start the game, and have the other player join the world through the password system. Next, enter the inventory and start dropping any items to duplicate, including weapons, grass, spice. Have the other player collect them. Then, close the game, download the original save file, and players will now have the original items you dropped. The other player will still have the items dropped as well. Exchange whichever items between players, save, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

One-hit kills

Use a Gold Coin while speaking to the Maiden in Black as her Luck-boosting effect is active. The Gold Coin applies a temporary luck increase. With the two effects combined, it causes the game to glitch and the player’s Luck starts multiplying infinitely. The Blueblood Sword is the only weapon in the game whose damage (both physical and magical) scales with luck. Craft the Blueblood Sword —- and raise Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Luck to 18 in order to swing it. Then, do the Gold Coin trick with the Maiden in Black to be able to one-hit kill all enemies in the game, including bosses.

Also, all rare drops will now be guaranteed. Note: To reset the glitch, get Soul Sucked by Allant and die. If the players luck is not that high (around 3,000), you can get 9,999,999 souls from the bloodstain.

Easy souls

A great place to farm souls at the start of the game is the Shrine of Storms. Make sure to equip a blunt weapon like a mace, or obtain the Falchion, which is located past the first skeletons, through the interior and out to a balcony guarded by a difficult Black Skeleton. Simply grab the Falchion. Even if the player dies, they will keep it. Reach 4-2 by defeating the Adjudicator. As long as the player has a bow, this boss is easy, just shoot arrows from the upper floor near the stairs/fog door at the glowing bird.

Players will also need arrows in 4-2. Just past the Archstone, they will encounter special Reaper enemies. Shoot them with arrows to kill them, one Reaper will drop 4,000 souls when defeated. The ghosts they summon will also die, which is why they are worth so many souls.

Another great place to farm souls is the 4-3 (Storm King) boss arena. Players first need to complete the Shrine of Storms and obtain the Storm Ruler. With the Storm Ruler, they can easily defeat the flying enemies in the sky and get 20,000+ souls per run. The only problem is that this takes some time. The Shrine of Storms is difficult for beginning players, but it is also a great place to clear first just for the high number of souls earned for defeating enemies.

Fractured mode

Interact with the statue in The Nexus, where the player spawns in, to enable Fractured mode by offering 25,000 souls.

Penetrator armor set

There is a mystery locked door past the Tower’s Knight Archstone in 1-3 in Boletarian Palace. Players can interact with the door, but getting the key requires Ceramic Coins. The locked door is found behind an illusory wall. First, collect 26 Ceramic Coins and trade them to Sparkly the Crow in 3-1 to obtain the Rusted Key. Ceramic Coins only spawn in Fractured mode. Use the Rusted Key to unlock the mystery door and find the Penetrator armor set behind the door. This armor is exclusive to the Demon’s Souls Remake and works well with the Penetrator sword. The Ceramic Coins are only useful for trading to Sparkly in 3-1. Note: Ceramic Coins can also be saved up over multiple playthroughs.

New armor sets, shields, and ring’s locations

There are some new armor sets, shields, and rings exclusive to the Demon’s Souls Remake. Search the indicated locations to find the new armor sets, shields, and rings in Demon’s Souls.

Ring Of Longevity

The Ring of Longevity increases the max HP when equipped. It is a Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus that can be acquired from Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus. Go to 4-1 (Shrine of Storms) and reach the highest hill of the level. There is a tall tree in this area where players will hear a crow. They can drop items here and come back later to trade. If they drop Pure Blade stone at the base of the tree, they can return later to obtain the Ring of Longevity. Players can find Pure Blade stone in 4-2 (Adjudicator Archstone) —- the Black Skeleton enemies will drop it. The Black Skeletons wield two swords and have red glowing eyes.


Note: This may only appear in Pure Black World Tendency. This is a special ring that provides higher mobility in deep water. The ring is located in 3-2 (Upper Latria) —- take the left path at the first fork, go up the stairs to the top of the tower. Cross the bridge on the left, go up the stairs, and into another tower straight ahead. Proceed up the tower, riding the elevator, and up more stairs. At the top of the stairs, the player will reach a landing. Go on the walkway to the left to reach a platform with metal cage lifts and a large fire in the center. Ride the left cage lift down to the swamp. At the bottom, go behind the cage lift, and look right for a path (near the gross tentacle) until you find a dead body with the Sodden ring.

Ring Of Uneven Scales

The Ring of Uneven Scales increases how much weight the player can carry in your inventory burden but lowers the amount of weight they can carry in their equip burden. Like the Ring of Longevity, players can trade Sparkly the Crow for it. Go to 4-1 (Shrine of Storms) and reach the upper hill. There is a large tree with a crow making noise —- drop a Gold Coin at the base of the tree, then leave and return to find the Ring of Uneven Scales. The Gold Coin can be found as a rare drop from the Fat Official enemy type.

Burrower armor

The Burrower’s armor set has high Poison Resistance, and only found in the Demon’s Souls Remake. It is found in 2-2 (Armor Spider Archstone), near the Firelurker’s mist door. On the path, players will reach a river of lava, walk along the edge to find the Burrower’s armor set.

Official set

This armor set allows you to look like the famous Fat Official —- the jovial fire-throwing creeps from the original Demon’s Souls. To acquire all the parts of this set, players need to find and loot multiple different Fat Official enemies from different arch stones.

Official’s Cap: In 1-3 (Tower Knight archstone), it is found behind the huge gate.

Official’s Leggings/Gloves: In 2-1 (Stonefang Tunnel), defeat the Fat Official in this area and loot the body.

Official’s Clothes: In 2-2 (Armor Spider archstone), defeat the Fat Official in the next area of the map and loot the body.

Hoplite shield

This is another Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order bonus players can earn in-game by finding Sparkly the Crow. Go to 2-1 (Shrine of Storms) and drop the Rune Shield to get the Hoplite Shield in return. Leave the area and return to find the shield. Players can find the Rune Shield by defeating the Black Phantom in 1-4 (Penetrator Archstone). Alternatively, they can find the Rune Shield/Rune Sword in 3-2 (Upper Latria) right before the Maneater boss fog door. Below the stairs to the arena are jars that can be smashed. Smash them all to find these items.

Getting the Cling Ring

The Cling Ring causes the character to only lose 25% of their maximum health when in soul form, instead of 50%. That means the character will retain 75% of their health with the Cling Ring equipped. It is highly recommended to obtain this item at the start of the game. It is located in the first area of Boletarian Palace. Climb the tower wall in 1-1 of Boletarian Palace. At the top of the wall, you will find a fog door near a Blue-Eyes Knight.

Proceed past the fog door and take the stairs down until a shortcut lever is reached. The Cling Ring is on a nearby corpse. It is one of the most useful rings found early in the game, and it makes the punishing soul form feature a little more manageable. Simply giving the character an instant 25% HP boost is enough to explore much further into some of the challenging later levels.

After completing the first section (1-1) of Boletarian Palace and defeating the Phalanx boss, players can explore any of the four additional Archstone’s. Complete each of the four Archstone’s to unlock the path through Boletarian Palace, eventually leading to the final boss. The following is the recommended Archstone order.

Starting levels

At the start of the game, it is recommended to complete the starting levels in the following order: 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 4-1, 3-1, 5-1. Note: While the boss of 2-2 is very difficult, 2-2 is an important area for upgrade materials if players are a normal knight build. Go there early to get lots of materials. Depending on the build, they may want to visit other areas first based on the types of upgrade materials you will find. The following are some tips for the starting levels.

  • After completing 1-1, proceed through 1-2. The boss is beatable, and the area is short.
  • Proceed to 2-1 next. There will be lots of upgrade materials in 2-1 and 2-2 for STR/basic gear for the knight class.
  • The Blacksmith is in 2-1. He is important — so do not miss him.
  • Before proceeding to 4-1, get a blunt weapon or run through the skeletons and collect the Crescent Falchion.
  • 5-1 contains an easy boss, but the area is very challenging. Players can find a Blessed Mace in this area if they have a Faith build.

Middle levels

The middle part of the game gets much trickier. The recommended order for the mid-levels is: 4-2, 4-3, 2-2, 2-3, 3-2, 3-3. The Shrine of Storms has relatively easy boss fights, as long as players know the tricks to defeating them. Make sure to enter 2-2 early and start collecting upgrade materials. 2-2 contains many useful items, so make sure to carefully explore. However, do not expect to complete it until later. The Firelurker is one of the toughest bosses in the game. The area itself is a maze. Do not worry about dying, as players can still keep any items collected. The following are some tips for the mid-levels.

  • The Adjudicator boss is easy to defeat with a bow or any ranged weapon.
  • The Old Hero is a blind boss. Keep the equipment weight low, or equip the Thief’s Ring, and he will have a much harder time finding you.
  • The Firelurker is a very difficult boss. Players must have a quick roll to defeat him. Roll through his attacks.
  • The Fool’s Idol is a trick boss. Find the path to the upper walkway or players will keep facing a constantly respawning boss.
  • The final bosses for all of these areas are trick battles. Players need to use the gear and environment to defeat them. To defeat the boss of 3-3, simply disable online to make the battle much easier.

Final levels

The swamp contains pretty simple boss fights, but the areas are quite challenging. It is recommended to save the swamp for last —- and saving the Penetrator for last. He is a very difficult boss that cannot be defeated without a lot of battle experience. The recommended order for the final levels is: 1-3, 5-2, 5-3, 1-4. The following are some tips for the final levels.

  • Penetrator is a hard boss. A spear/tower shield combo helps — or you can use a stream of Fire Spray or Soul Ray to defeat him at range.
  • The boss of 5-3 has a powerful knight protector. His shield does not protect him against fire magic, and learning to parry his attacks makes him easy to defeat.
  • The final boss can steal the players souls. Bring plenty of healing grass to make the battle easier.


What is the luck glitch in Demon‘s Souls?

The luck glitch allows players to obtain over 80,000 points in their luck stats. The glitch requires the gold coin to be executed.

What is the blueblood sword?

The blueblood sword scales damage with the Luck stat. The sword is created by giving Blacksmith Ed the Pureblood Demon’s Soul. It has a base damage of 100 and scales with the Luck stat making it the only weapon in the game that scales with Luck.

How do I get Pureblood Demon’s Soul?

Players will need to defeat the boss Maiden Astraea in the Sanctuary of the Lost.

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