Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence

All skills

Successfully complete and save the game with Leon. Select “New Game” and enter ” @LLSKILL ” as a name.

Play as Joachim Armster

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Successfully complete and save the game with Leon. Select “New Game” and enter ” @JOACHIM ” as a name.

Crazy difficulty setting

Successfully complete and save the game with Leon. Select “New Game” and enter ” @CRAZY ” as a name.

Pumpkin mode

Successfully complete and save the game with Joachim Armster. Select “New Game” and enter ” @PUMPKIN ” as a name. You can use a pumpkin sub-weapon in this mode.

Boss Rush mode

Successfully complete and save the game . Boss Rush mode will now be unlocked for that character at the level selection screen.

Music test

Successfully complete and save the game with any character. Buy the Music Box at Rinaldo’s shop to hear any song from the game.

Duplicating items

Go to the corridor outside the first save point in the castle entrance. Stand between the second and third candle, on the red stripe part of the carpet close to the window. Stand on the second shadow reflected by the moonlight while still on the stripe (looks like a black pole on the ground). Face the window and press Start and go to your items. Move the pointer up and down to duplicate.

Finding secret items

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If you see a different colored brick on the ground, try standing on it. You may find secret items.

Ice Whip

Go to the Waterfall level. Go to the tunnel where there is a door shape on a big rock (b1 where there is an axe sub-weapon, on the right corner on the map.) Walk back to where you will see an armored opponent with a chainball. Make him follow you towards the wall. Stand in front of the wall. Let him hit you. When he hits you, he should break the wall. Go in, then move up. From the first door, run towards your screen, then jump onto a pillar (jump from the middle). From the pillar, make your way up and to the Ice Element. Defeat her and get the Ice Whip.

Fire Whip

First, go to the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab second floor and find the room with the moving platform. Follow it until you get to the second platform on the right. After jumping over the platform, look for two yellow poles. Hook over the two poles. On the upper side, you can find the monster named Flame Element. Defeat him and he will give you the Fire Whip.

Thunder Whip

Go to the Garden Forgotten By Time, then go to the room with the second Man-Eater (room with the Man-Eater and Peeping Eyes). Kill the Peeping Eyes and move the Man-Eater to the top right corner. Hit the Man-Eater plant until it opens, then jump on it and double jump onto the ledge. Keep going until you reach the second floor and kill the Thunder Element to obtain the Thunder Whip.

Crystal Skull

Equip three Raccoon Charms (duplicate the Raccoon Charm). Fight the Phantom Skeletons and with luck, one will drops the Crystal Skull (relic). Also, Crystal Skull is a rare drop from Phantoms. The easiest place to find it is in the Pagoda Of The Misty Moon first floor. They are the skeletons that are almost invisible except for the clouding around them. To make it easier, you can get Coin Of Happiness, which increases Luck by 5 points from Hanged Men. The easiest place to find them is in the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab on the third floor, in the room with the crumbling bridge. Additionally, the Crystal Skull relic is a rare item drop from the Phantom Skeleton which are found in the Pagoda Of The Misty Moon level. It helps to have the Raccoon Charm equipped (which increases luck). They are found in the Dark Palace Of Waterfalls on top of one of the rooms with the swinging pendulums. You will see a heart increase. You have to jump to the other side of the room to get the Raccoon Charm.

Invincible Jar

Defeat the Mirage Skeleton. It is a rare drop, so keep trying. The foe is located in the first floor of the castle before you meet the final Boss.


In each level, there are keys to unlock hidden doors. The keys are located in the following levels:

    Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab: Red Phoenix Lock, Yellow Dragon Key
    Garden Forgotten By Time: Blue Dragon Lock, Red Phoenix Key
    The House Of Scared Remains: Yellow Dragon Lock, White Tiger Key
    The Dark Palace Of Waterfalls: Black Turtle Lock, Blue Dragon Key
    Ghostly Theater: White Tiger Lock, Black Turtle Key

Member Plate

Defeat the Spartacus Skeletons. They drop a Member Plate. This item will give you 10% off items in the store. Also, Spartacus Skeletons are larger and have the bigger swords and shields. An easy place to fight them is in the Pagoda Of The Misty Moon, on the second floor, in the right most wing in the tower area.

White Orb

Go to the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. From the start, go to the door that is behind you when you first get into the stage. Then, go through the rooms until you find the room at the right side of the map. There is a room with a big rock figure in front of it. Use the Fire Wipe on it until it is red, then change to the Ice to crack it. The door can now be opened. The Ice Orb is inside.

Finding the Frost Elemental

In the Palace Of Dark Waterfalls on the first floor, take a left at the first “Y”, and a left at the second. You will see an outline of a door. Walk up to it and an Armor Knight will appear behind you. Lure the knight towards the outline. When he does the move where he throws the ball at you, dodge it, and it will knock away the bricks in front of the door. After some double jumps and rail whips, you will reach the first door. Rail whip to the balcony on the left of the door, and blindly jump straight forward from the rightmost corner of that balcony. You should land on a small platform. If not, you will see it and know where it is located. After a couple more rail whips, you will reach the door to the Frost Elemental’s room.

Fighting the Forgotten One

Go to the second floor of the Pagoda. In the left tower is a dark room. Once inside the dark room, jump to the left. Look for platforms that go to the left. Note: You need Wolf’s Foot. Once you find the path, you will get an Unlock jewel. This is the jewel that is needed to unlock the way to the Prison Of Eternal Torture.

In-game reset

While playing the game, hold Start + Select.

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