Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Alchemist: Collect 25 Elixirs of Life.
    Cave Goblin: Collected 10 Gold.
    Cave Troll: Collect 25 Gold.
    Crystal Sage: Found 25 Ice Sapphires.
    Cultist of Cthulhu: Collect 10 Statues of Cthulhu.
    Death Runner: Killed a monster by leading into the Land of Eternal Motion.
    Demon of Hell: Collect 10 Demon Daisies.
    Demon Slayer: Get enough experience to slay Greater Demons in Hell.
    Desert Fox: Collected 10 Spice.
    Desert Worm: Collect 25 Spice.
    Double Stabber: Stabbed two monsters in one turn.
    Flash Archmage: Killed 5 monsters at once with the Flash spell.
    Flash Wizard: Killed a monster with the Flash spell.
    Forest Fairy: Foun 25 Fern Flowers.
    Forest Warrior: Foun 10 Fern Flowers.
    Found an Orb of Yendor: Found an Orb of Yendor.
    Golem Archmage: Have five active golems.
    Got an Orb of Yendor: Found an Orb of Yendor, and collected it.
    Grandmaster of the Hyperboloid: Collect 25 Hyperstones.
    Graveyard Ghost: Collect 25 Necromancer Totems.
    Graveyard Zombie: Collect 10 Necromancer Totems.
    Greater Demon of Hell: Collect 25 Demon Daisies.
    Greater Running Dog: Collect 25 Phoenix Feathers.
    Hyperbolic Sage: Collect a Hyperstone.
    Hyperboloid Prodigy: Collect 50 Hyperstones.
    Ice Explorer: Found an Ice Diamond.
    Ice Shark: Found 10 Ice Sapphires.
    Ice Wolf: Collected 10 Ice Diamonds.
    Jungle Eagle: Collect 10 Rubies.
    Jungle Ivy: Collect 25 Rubies.
    Lightning Archmage: Killed 5 monsters at once with the Lightning spell.
    Master Alchemist: Collect 50 Elixirs of Life.
    Master Necromancer: Collect 50 Necromancer's Totems.
    Master of Caves: Collect 50 Gold.
    Master of Cocytus: Found 50 Ice Sapphires.
    Master of Desert: Collect 50 Spice.
    Master of Flash: Killed 10 monsters at once with the Flash spell.
    Master of Forest: Foun 50 Fern Flowers.
    Master of Golems: Have ten active golems.
    Master of Hell: Collect 50 Demon Daisies.
    Master of Ice: Collect 50 Ice Diamonds.
    Master of Lightning: Killed 10 monsters at once with the Lightning spell.
    Master of Mirrors: Kill three enemies at once with Mirrors or Mimics.
    Master of Mirrors and Mirages: Collect 50 Mirror Shards.
    Master of Motion: Collect 50 Phoenix Feathers.
    Master of R'Lyeh: Collect 50 Statues of Cthulhu.
    Master of the Hyperboloid: Collected 10 Hyperstones.
    Master of the Jungle: Collect 50 Rubies.
    Master Stabber: Stabbed four monsters in two consecutive turn.
    Mirror Archmage: Kill two enemies at once with Mirrors or Mimics.
    Mirror Master: Collect 25 Mirror Shards.
    Mirror Ranger: Collect 10 Mirror Shards.
    Mirror Wizard: Kill an enemy with a Mirror or Mimic.
    Plantslayer: Killed an Ivy by hand.
    Reached Cocytus: Found an Ice Sapphire.
    Reached Desert: Collect Spice.
    Reached Dry Forest: Found a Fern Flower.
    Reached Hell: Collect a Demon Daisy.
    Reached R'Lyeh: Collect a Statue of Cthulhu.
    Reached the Alchemist Lab: Collect Elixir of Life.
    Reached the Graveyard: Collect Necromancer's Totem.
    Reached the Jungle: Collect a Ruby.
    Reached the Land of Eternal Motion: Collect a Phoenix Feather.
    Reached the Land of Mirrors: Collect a Mirror Shard.
    Reached the Living Caves: Collect Gold.
    Running Dog: Collect 10 Phoenix Feathers.
    Slime Master: Collect 10 Elixirs of Life.
    Stabber: Killed a monster by stabbing it.
    Storm Wizard: Killed a monster with the Lightning spell.
    Tentacle of Cthulhu: Collect 25 Statues of Cthulhu.
    Yeti Master: Collect 25 Ice Diamonds.
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