The Matrix Online

Corey Feldman Interview


Morpheus' hideout

Once you are jacked in, turn left. If you see a wall, move south until you reach a fence. Hack the Ground Crush move then immediately fly into the air directly on top of the building on your left. By hacking this attack you have somehow pushed up a door. Walk in and head down two levels. Once there, walk out of the stairs or elevator (whichever you used) and walk straight until you hit the wall. Turn left and put the camera to the right. If you do not put the camera right, this will not work. Once you seem to be unable to move anymore, turn the camera left. You should now see a glowing window. Move your pointer over the window, and the action icon should appear. If it does, move the mouse very slowly down until it reads "Attack". Then, attack it. The screen should appear to freeze and glares with a white or pink light. It will remain this way for about ten seconds. You should now pop up downtown. Walk to the area where Neo fights Smith in the movies. You should see something there. Walk up to it and attack it. It should fight like an Agent until it looks like you will lose. Hack and Ground Crush move and it should fly against the wall, although it should have just hit the ground. Even though it looks like he is against the wall he is not. Fly up on top of the building in front of (in whichever direction you stopped fighting) you ,and you will now see a more clear figure, yourself. Although it looks like you, it is not. It will look like it flies back. Chase after it, and no-matter how far or where it goes follow it. This part may require a few attempts and some luck. Wherever it lands, fight it again. When you defeat it, it will die and sort of dissolve or morph into a group of cockroach-like things and scurry away. Once it has scurried away, go back to where you jacked in. There should either be that thing or a clone of you here. Either one will follow you once it sees you -- do not run. Let it follow you south, and when you reach the first building stop and go into it. Go up two levels and down the hall into the last room on the left. Once there you should see a group of civilians. Your clone will kill them. Do not worry if they turn into agents because he will take care of them. Once he has defeated him, you will hear a phone ringing. Follow the noise (the source may change). When you find the phone, get your clone in front of it so that you and him are facing it. Hack the Ground Smash attack and the phone will disappear, and a signal on the map in the envelope once you open it will show the location of Morpheus' and Neo's Hideout. If you decide to go there now, then do so. Trinity will only be there in the mission so do not go there to see her. When you get there you will get three new appearances and three new hacks, full stat, and health.

Shogo reference

In the international district, there is a club named "Club Shogo". Shogo is an earlier Monolith game, a first person shooter, that was made before they were bought by Warner Brothers.

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