Gunblood Cheats & Cheat Codes for Web and Android

Gunblood title screen

Gunblood Cheats & Cheat Codes for Web and Android

Gunblood game start screen

Gunblood is the classic Flash-based western shootout game. Originally released for play on web browsers, the game is now available in an HTML5 version, a mobile version, and even as an extension for Google Chrome. It continues to be one of many popular titles on free game sites all over the web. Developer Wolf Games shares its name with many other small development studios producing indie and free-to-play titles but its only game to date is Gunblood and the semi-remake Gunblood Remastered.

The mobile version is notably only available on Android devices but does currently hold a strong aggregate score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Popular free game site CrazyGames also has the title sitting at 9 out of 10. Users praise the title for its simplistic yet addictive gameplay and intuitive mouse or touch controls.

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Although Gunblood increases in challenge as players progress, it is a relatively short game thanks to only featuring 9 opponents in quick draw matches. In between duels with opponents, players can participate in various Western-themed mini-games.

Gunblood Premise

Gunblood gameplay

Gunblood‘s gameplay thrives off of a very simple premise and execution. Players choose one of 10 different characters (called “Gunbloodslingers”) and proceed to participate in 9 duels of increasing challenge. While the first opponents players face might be easy to take out, later opponents are quick on the draw. It’s up to players to master quick aiming and hone their reflexes to become the “best shot in the west”.

One advantage that players can gain is through careful aiming toward body parts. Lining up shots toward opponents’ arms or legs can successfully remove the appendages. When opponents lose one of their limbs they are hindered accordingly, including not being able to fire their pistol effectively. Additionally, the game has over-the-top violence and gore used for comedic effects. When opponents are shot or lose a limb their bodies explode in an overabundance of cartoonish blood.

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On web browsers, players control all in-game actions using the mouse. The mouse itself aims the sights and the left-click button fires the player’s revolver. Alternatively, players can use touchscreen controls on the Android version. Because the game is a series of quick-draw duels, the gameplay is largely frantic and reliant on twitch movements.

Gunblood Main Characters

Gunblood characters

At the start of the game players will choose from ten different gunslingers dubbed “Gunbloodslingers”. Each of the characters are gunslingers with different appearances and fashion sense but all have the same abilities. Additionally, each character has the same weapon and health bar, meaning no one character has an advantage over another. The main characters in Gunblood are all nameless Wild West outlaws.

Games in the Gunblood Series

Since its release in 2017, Gunblood continues to be a popular web browser game hosted on plenty of free game websites. Additionally, the mobile version is also relatively successful. Outside the various versions and re-releases of the original Gunblood, the game has also been followed up by a sequel and a remaster of the original. Games in the Gunblood series include:

  • Gunblood (2017)
  • Gunblood Remastered (2018)
  • Gunblood 2 (2018)

Gunblood Cheats

There are plenty of cheats available for every version of Gunblood, complete with an option on the main menu for inputting cheats. The developers themselves make sure to inform players of all available cheats on the game’s website, indicating that they aren’t only allowed but practically encouraged.

Inputting Cheats

On the main menu screen there is a box labeled “Cheats”. To enter cheats, simply click in the box and type out the cheats exactly as they appear below. Cheats are case sensitive and have different effects.

Game Cheats

  • NOHIT: Grants invincibility. Can still take hits and lose rounds in bonus levels.
  • MOREAMMO: Grants infinite ammo.
  • POINTER: Adds a laser sight to the revolver.
  • FASTFIRE: Increases fire rate, allowing players to click and fire faster.

Level Select Cheats

  • LEVEL1: Starts the game at Level 1.
  • LEVEL2: Starts the game at Level 2.
  • LEVEL3: Starts the game at Level 3.
  • LEVEL4: Starts the game at Level 4.
  • LEVEL5: Starts the game at Level 5.
  • LEVEL6: Starts the game at Level 6.
  • LEVEL7: Starts the game at Level 7.
  • LEVEL8: Starts the game at Level 8.
  • LEVEL9: Starts the game at Level 9.
  • BONUS1: Sets the game to Bonus Round 1.
  • BONUS2: Sets the game to Bonus Round 2.
  • BONUS3: Sets the game to Bonus Round 3.
  • BONUS4: Sets the game to Bonus Round 4.

Gunblood Cheat FAQs

What’s the cheat code for invincibility in Gunblood?
The cheat for invincibility/God mode in Gunblood is NOHIT

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