Mechanic Escape


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    56k: 100 circuits done.
    Acrobat: Grab 200 lianas.
    Addict: Play 3 hours.
    Adsl: 300 circuits done.
    Boom!: Use 300 cannons.
    Collector: 2000 mini TV collected.
    Daredevil: Use 100 cannons.
    FireFighter: Slide 500 times on Bars.
    Frog: Jumped 2000 times.
    Greed: 3000 mini TV collected.
    Hero: 200 big TV collected.
    Human cannonball: Use 600 cannons.
    Kangaroo: Jumped 5000 times.
    Locust: Jumped 500 times.
    Masochist: Die 600 times.
    Mecha Love: Play 4 hours.
    Monkey: Grab 100 lianas.
    Ninja: Dodge 400 boss attacks.
    Nosy: 1000 mini TV collected.
    Optical fiber: 600 circuits done.
    Psychopath: Retry 30 times in a row the same level.
    Rescue Worker: 100 big TV collected.
    Resistant: Dodge 100 boss attacks.
    Rider: Slide 200 times on Bars.
    Rookie rider: Slide 50 times on Bars.
    Suicidal: Die 1000 times.
    Superhero: 300 big TV collected.
    Tarzan: Grab 400 lianas.
    Tenacious: Retry 10 times in a row the same level.
    The sixth sense: Dodge 1200 boss attacks.
    Tic Tac...: Play 2 hours.
    Tireless: Retry 20 times in a row the same level.
    Victim: Die 300 times.
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