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Easy "Blank" achievement

Successfully complete any level in "drunk" mode. To do this, you must first change the in-game language to Russian. Go to your Steam game library, right click "Parallax", and select "Properties". In the "Language" field, choose "Russian". Enter the game menu, and select "Options", then "Gameplay". You should see two switches and a button labeled "akgoB". Select the button to turn on "drunk" mode. In this mode, the screen will be blurred and the pointer will move slower.

Easy "Style" achievement

In the final level in Chapter 4 (D-8), a spinning round platform can be found near the end goal. Step on it, and rotate one time (90 degrees). After changing gravity, step on the nearby platform. At the end of this platform is a button. Push it, and look down. The long platform will move away, and you will see a rift (portal) that was under it. If you see two intersecting lasers inside that portal, jump in it and rotate 360 degrees in the air before landing. When you land into the portal, you will die on the crossing lasers and get the "Style" achievement. If the portal is clear without intersecting lasers, replay the level and have them intersect before jumping in the portal.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Shocking Development: Complete Chapter C.
    Blank: I don't remember what happened.
    Confidence Boost: Complete Chapter B.
    Full Gravity of the Situation: Complete Chapter D.
    Laser Hair Removal: That was close!.
    Monochromatized: Travel between light and dark 500 times.
    No Escape: There is no escape.
    Perfect: Complete every level using no more than the required number of actions.
    Sean Bean: Die 20 times.
    Simple as Black and White: Complete Chapter A.
    Spider Pig, Spider Pig: Does whatever a spider pig does.
    Style: Spin around 360 degrees, travel 5 meters, cross a rift, and die by lasers, without touching the ground or using a booster.
    Terminal Illness: Use a terminal 300 times.
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