Red Faction 2


FMV sequences

After clearing a level, you will be awarded the FMV sequence for that level plus another movie. Completing level 1 unlocks a spoof interview with characters from Summoner 2 talking about the Red Faction games. Completing level 2 unlocks a behind-the-scenes FMV sequence.

Cheat mode

Enter the following code at the "Cheats" sub-menu, which is found at the main screen by going to "Extras", then "Cheats":


This will unlock all in-game cheats. It has to be "activated" by putting a checkmark next to it. You can also access this menu during game play by pressing [Esc], then going to "Cheats". The cheat options are as follows:

    Super Health: Health quickly regenerates over time.
    Infinite Ammunition: Self-explanatory.
    Infinite Grenades: Self-explanatory.
    Reign Of Fire: All weapons make the target burst in flames after they are shot.
    Explosive Personality: When pressing [Use] (default E) on someone, they gib.
    Walking Dead: Makes everyone resemble zombies.
    Gibby Ammo: Shoot one round and the victim gibs.
    Gibby Explosions: Explosions make everything in its path gib.
    Rapid Rails: RailGun shoots very fast.
    Extra Chunky: Every time you shoot an enemy, you get a gib part (only visually with no hole).
    Wacky Deaths: When shot in front, some enemies you kill die as if hit hard in the stomach; when shot in back they look like they tripped on something.
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