Tribes: Vengeance

Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the "-console" command line parameter. While playing the game, press [Tab] to display the console window at the bottom of the screen. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
God modegod
Three weapons with full ammo, depending on characterallweapons
Full ammo for weapons/grenadesallammo
Flight modefly
No clipping modeghost
Disable "fly" and "ghost" codeswalk
Spawn indicated objectsummon [name]
Field of view by numberfov [number]
Display all statsstat all
Display frameratestat fps
Display network statsstat net
Remove all stat displaystat none

Item names

Use one of the following values with the "summon [name]" code:

Energy packEquipmentClasses.PackEnergy
Repair packEquipmentClasses.PackRepair
Speed packEquipmentClasses.PackSpeed
Shield packEquipmentClasses.PackShield
Hand grenadeEquipmentClasses.WeaponHandGrenade
Grenade launcherEquipmentClasses.WeaponGrenadeLauncher
Sniper/laser rifle EquipmentClasses.WeaponSniperRifle
Mortar launcherEquipmentClasses.WeaponMortar
Burner/plasma gunEquipmentClasses.WeaponBurner
Rocket launcherEquipmentClasses.WeaponRocketPod

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