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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A Different Life (Bronze): Completed chapter one.
    New Friends (Bronze): Completed chapter two.
    War on the Horizon (Bronze): Completed chapter three.
    That Got Dark Fast (Bronze): Got a bad ending.
    Huh (Bronze): Got the normal ending.
    Wolf in Westerner's Clothing (Bronze): Finished Hijikata's route.
    Live Fast, Die Furious (Bronze): Finished Okita's route.
    It's Always the Quiet Ones (Bronze): Finished Saito's route.
    On My Toudou List (Bronze): Finished Toudou's route.
    Ronin in the Streets, Samurai in the Sheets (Bronze): Finished Harada's route.
    Kazama and Effect (Bronze): Finished Kazama's route.
    You Got Hijicaught (Silver): Unlocked all Hijikata images.
    Not Dead Yet (Silver): Unlocked all Okita images.
    Out of Saito (Silver): Unlocked all Saito images.
    Toudou Recall (Silver): Unlocked all Toudou images.
    You're Already Dad (Silver): Unlocked all Harada images.
    Demon, Demoff (Silver): Unlocked all Kazama images.
    I Louvre You (Silver): Unlocked all miscellaneous images.
    Bark Street Boys (Gold): Unlocked all movies.
    Kyoto Librarian (Gold): Unlocked every encyclopedia entry.
    Your Permanent Record (Silver): Completed your tour of duty.
    Deja Vu All Over Again (Silver): Unlocked all of the Memories.
    Summer (Bronze): Reached 10% bloom.
    Fall (Bronze): Reached 20% bloom.
    Winter (Silver): Reached 50% bloom.
    Spring (Silver): Reached 70% bloom.
    Full Bloom (Gold): Full bloom!
    Woman in the Moon (Bronze): Remembered Hijikata.
    Flowery Language (Bronze): Remembered Okita.
    For Goodness Sake (Bronze): Remembered Saito.
    Waiting for Toudou (Bronze): Remembered Toudou.
    Beyond the Sea (Bronze): Remembered Harada.
    House Call (Bronze): Remembered Kazama.
    That'll Do (Gold): Unlocked all themes, period.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Fujoshi (Platinum): Got all the trophies. Well done! You're a beautiful person with your whole life ahead of you.
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