Mars: War Logs



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Great Escape (Bronze): Finish Chapter 1 at any difficulty level.
    Aurora execution (Bronze): Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level.
    Plot smasher (Bronze): Finish Chapter 3 at any difficulty level.
    Hero of the Resistance (Bronze): Finish the game with the Resistance at any difficulty level.
    Man of Honour (Bronze): Finish the game with Honour Grant at any difficulty level.
    Good start (Bronze): Upgrade a skill.
    Recycling (Bronze): Upgrade an object.
    Pest Control (Bronze): Kill 15 moles.
    Mentor (Bronze): Influence Innocence's personality during your conversations.
    Specialist (Bronze): Unlock every skill and upgrade in a single skill tree.
    Crowbar (Bronze): Empty 50 containers.
    Completionist (Silver): Finish all the secondary quests in Mars: War Logs.
    Hard as Nails (Silver): Finish the game in Difficult mode.
    Mutant (Gold): Finish the game in Extreme mode.
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