Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled


Quickplay mode levels

Successfully complete a level by defeating its Boss in Story mode to unlock it in Quickplay mode.

Keeping your score after dying

In Single Player Story mode, when the "Game Over" screen appears, do not continue. Instead, let it return to the main menu, and then select "Continue Game". You will start at the beginning of the level you died on, along with the points you had when you began the stage. Note: This does not work on Stage 1.

Easy "Staying Alive" trophy

Easy "Toe Be or Not Toe Be?" trophy


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Inflatable Reptilian Hero (Bronze): Get flattened by any trap.
    Seen My Bones? (Bronze): Get zapped by any laser traps or attacks.
    Invincible (Bronze): Complete a level without having to use a single Power-up.
    Turtle Tantrum! (Bronze): Destroy more than 5 enemies using a destructible object.
    Slow as a Turtle (Bronze): Complete a level in under 3 minutes.
    Lean, Green and Mean (Bronze): Achieve more than 8,000 points.
    Staying Alive (Bronze): Defeat the Final Boss without dying.
    Toe Be or Not Toe Be? (Silver): Avoid all traps in Level 3.
    Ice, Ice, Turtle (Silver): Avoid Ice Ray traps in Level 8.
    Turtle Power (Silver): Complete the game in Story Mode. (Normal difficulty onwards).
    I Will Survive (Silver): Complete a Survival Mode game. (Normal difficulty onwards).
    Heroes in a Half Shell (Gold): Complete the game with all 4 Turtles.
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