Time And Eternity


Note: This game is also titled Tokitowa.

EX New Game mode

Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted. Select the "New Game" option at the main menu, and a new option for "EX New Game" will appear. You will retain previously unlocked Skills, Gifts, GP, and Krone from the selected saved game file.

Alternate ending

Balance the Love evenly between Toki and Towa, and successfully complete the game in EX New Game mode to view an alternate ending.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Simple Rich Life (Gold): You obtained 15,000 chronos.
    Godly Blessing (Silver): You unlocked every single gift.
    Ultimate Blessing (Silver): You unlocked all of Toki's gifts.
    Supreme Blessing (Silver): You unlocked all of Towa's gifts.
    Winning Record (Bronze): You cleared the game on Normal without changing the difficulty once.
    Travelogue (Bronze): You visited every single Memory Site.
    Personal Memories (Bronze): You took part in every single one-on-one conversation with Toki and Towa.
    Lunch Master (Bronze): You received every single meal from Toki and Towa.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): You opened every single treasure chest.
    Gallery King (Bronze): You unlocked every single gallery image.
    Overwhelming Victory (Gold): You won 20 battles in a row without taking any damage.
    Flawless Victory (Bronze): You won a battle without taking any damage.
    Combo Master (Silver): Combo, combo, and combo again! You successfully executed 20 combos in a row.
    Combo Journeyman (Bronze): You successfully executed 10 combos in a row. Keep up the good work!
    Combo Novice (Bronze): You successfully executed your very first combo.
    Chemistry Master (Bronze): You pulled off 4 different kinds of Chemistry.
    Chemistry Novice (Bronze): You pulled off your very first Chemistry skill.
    Chain Master (Bronze): You completed a triple Chain attack.
    Chain Novice (Bronze): You completed your very first Chain attack.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    Eternal Timekeeper (Platinum): You obtained every single trophy. Good job! Thanks for playing!
    Miraculous Ending (Gold): You unlocked the special ending. Enjoy a long, happy life with Toki and Towa!
    Ultimate Love (Gold): Toki's 'Love' level is higher than ever! Now it's time to...
    Supreme Love (Gold): Towa's 'Love' level is higher than ever!Now it's time to...
    Royal Blood (Gold): Toki, Towa, and Drake have all reached level 70.
    Ultimate Ending (Silver): You married Toki.
    Supreme Ending (Silver): You married Towa.
    Case Closed (Ch. 1) (Bronze): You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 1.
    Case Closed (Ch. 2) (Bronze): You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 2.
    Case Closed (Ch. 3) (Bronze): You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 3.
    Case Closed (Ch. 4) (Bronze): You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 4.
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