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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ghost Hunter (Platinum): Completionist! You got every trophy!
    Change the World (Bronze): Episode 1 cleared.
    Cold as Ice (Bronze): Episode 2 cleared.
    Epitaph (Bronze): Episode 3 cleared.
    It Makes No Difference (Bronze): Episode 4 cleared.
    Light My Fire (Bronze): Episode 5 cleared.
    Stairway to Heaven (Bronze): Episode 6 cleared.
    Little Wing (Bronze): Episode 7 cleared.
    Highway to Hell (Bronze): Episode 8 cleared.
    Saturday Night Special (Bronze): Episode 9 cleared.
    House of the Rising Sun (Bronze): Episode 10 cleared.
    Rock of Ages (Bronze): Episode 11 cleared.
    You Keep Me Hanging On (Bronze): Episode 12 cleared.
    We Will Rock You! (Bronze): Episode 13 cleared.
    Gatekeeper (Silver): A girl has just confessed to you!
    Keymaster (Silver): A boy has just confessed to you!
    Handbook for the Recently Deceased (Gold): Congrats. Your album is complete.
    There's Absolutely No Organic Flowthrough (Bronze): No traps? Not once? Are you nuts?
    Three, Four, Better Lock Your Door (Bronze): Thirty traps set at once. You won't be surprised.
    Redrum (Bronze): More than 5 critical hits in one battle.
    Don't Cross the Streams (Bronze): Bull in a china shop you are. And near death over 20 times? I'm surprised you're still alive.
    I Don't Think We Survived That Crash (Bronze): All 4 of you are near death. How did you make it?!
    Busting Makes Me Feel Good (Silver): You've performed exorcisms all over Tokyo.
    They're Here (Bronze): Fifty exorcisms? Well done!
    I See Dead People (Silver): A hundred exorcisms? Maybe that's a little excessive?
    The House Has What It Wants (Bronze): You shared your love 50 times.
    You Ever Feel the Prickly Things on the Back of Your Neck? (Bronze): You got angry 50 times.
    Dogs and Cats Living Together! (Bronze): You were a friend 50 times.
    Nine, Ten, Never Sleep Again (Bronze): You considered things 50 times.
    Sorry For Taking the Bumblebee Pendant (Bronze): You felt sad 50 times.
    God! Whose Hand Was I Holding? (Bronze): You've touched 50 things.
    Stuttering Stanley! (Bronze): You've listened to 50 things.
    Hair of the Dog That Bit Me (Bronze): You've tasted 50 things.
    Come and Play With Us (Bronze): You've looked at 50 things.
    I Collect Spores, Molds, and Fungus (Bronze): You've smelled 50 things.
    You Can See Us Without the Sheets? (Bronze): You're always ignoring everyone. Or maybe you're a daydreamer.
    All Work and No Play (Silver): Done in less than 5 minutes! You're either really good, or really lucky.
    It's Only A Dream! (Silver): You got all four of you out unscathed.
    Here's Johnny (Bronze): Throwing items are your weapons of choice.
    They Scare Me Too Sometimes (Silver): Only a minute left? Cutting it a little close there.
    I Am Utterly Alone (Bronze): You faced your enemies alone, and defeated them.
    Does Anybody Want to Play Parcheesi? (Bronze): Fifty wins for you!
    He Slimed Me (Bronze): It's the ghost's game.
    It's Showtime (Bronze): So you fight in a bra, black stockings, and high heels, eh? Kinky.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    Ice Cold Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 2.
    A Death Song Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 3.
    A Different Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 4.
    The True Fire (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 5.
    Stairway to Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 6.
    A Winging Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 7.
    Highway to Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 8.
    Saturday Night Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 9.
    A Rising Truth (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 10.
    The True Rock of Ages (Bronze): Activated your sixth sense in episode 11.
    Sixth Sense (Silver): You activated your 6th sense every time.
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