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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I Am Alekhine (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    Head Hunter (Silver): Get 30 Headshots.
    Sleeper Agent (Bronze): Use Chloroform on 30 enemies.
    Locksmith (Bronze): Perfect lockpicking attempt on a lock with at least 3 locking mechanisms.
    Engineer (Gold): Perform a perfect rewiring during a sabotage puzzle.
    Go For The Throat (Silver): Garrote 30 enemies.
    Chameleon (Gold): Obtain all disguises in the game.
    One Suit Man (Silver): Complete a level using one disguise or less.
    Angel of Death (Gold): Complete all assassinations in a level using only accidents.
    Contract Killer (Silver): Complete a Level without Killing except for assassination targets.
    Legendary (Gold): Complete game without killing except for assassination targets.
    Like a Ghost (Silver): Obtain Ghost Ranking on a level.
    Maniac (Silver): Obtain Maniac Ranking on a level.
    Undertaker (Silver): Hide 30 bodies.
    Deadly Instinct (Silver): Complete a level without using instinct mode.
    Predator (Gold): Complete a level without using your gun.
    Once Upon a Time (Bronze): Level 1 Completed.
    Checked Out (Bronze): Level 2 Completed.
    Fireproof (Bronze): Level 3 Completed.
    Deadly Ending (Bronze): Level 4 Completed.
    Abduction (Bronze): Level 5 Completed.
    Calling Card (Bronze): Level 6 Completed.
    Castaway (Silver): Level 7 Completed.
    Goodbye, Colonel (Silver): Level 8 Completed.
    Top Shot (Silver): Level 9 Completed.
    Public Enemy (Silver): Level 10 Completed.
    Peace (Silver): Level 11 Completed.
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