Chime Sharp

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collector (Platinum): Collected all other trophies
    Deep Cuts (Gold): Complete Standard Mode without Losing any Fragments.
    It's Just Noise (Gold): Place 20 Pieces without forming a Quad.
    Listening Club (Gold): Complete All Songs and All Modes.
    Mastering (Gold): Get 500% Coverage.
    Perfect 1000 (Gold): Create 1000 Perfect Quads.
    Play Quicker (Gold): Get 40% Coverage on Strike Mode.
    Sustain (Gold): Create a Quad that is the Full Length of the Grid.
    Think Quick (Gold): Complete Strike Mode without Losing Coverage.
    Up To 11 (Gold): Got the Max Multiplier of 20.
    Fast Cuts (Silver): Finish Sharp mode in Under 5 Minutes.
    Hardcore (Silver): Complete a Challenge Mode.
    Perfect 100 (Silver): Create 100 Perfect Quads.
    The Hundred Club (Silver): Get 100% Coverage.
    Wall of Sound (Silver): Create a Very Large Quad with at least 100 Cells.
    Minimal (Silver): Complete Standard Mode with Only 3x3 Quads.
    Perfect 10 (Bronze): Create 10 Perfect Quads.
    Problems? (Bronze): Get 99% Coverage.
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