Crazy Strike Bowling EX

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Union Man (Bronze): Get 10 strikes in exhibition mode.
    Socialist (Bronze): Get 100 strikes in exhibition mode.
    XXX (Bronze): Get 3 strikes in a row in exhibition mode.
    XXXXX (Bronze): Get 5 strikes in a row in exhibition mode.
    Landlord (Bronze): Acquire all non-downloadable classic and fantasy locations.
    Collector (Gold): Acquire all non-downloadable balls, characters and costumes.
    Semi-Pro (Bronze): Score 150 or more in a match.
    Professional (Bronze): Score 250 or more in a match.
    Class up (Bronze): Class up for the first time.
    World Professional (Silver): Obtained class World Professional.
    Unlock (Bronze): Win 1 challenge.
    Challenger (Bronze): Win 10 challenges.
    Super Challenger (Silver): Win 30 challenges.
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