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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Up There With The Best Of The Best (Platinum): Unlock every Trophy.
    Body Armour (Bronze): Knock Down 500 Suits of Armour in the Castle.
    Unlucky (Bronze): Break 70 mirrors.
    Done This Before? (Bronze): Trigger a Smashbreaker for the first time.
    No Flipping! (Bronze): Bounce the ball off the 4th Wall and successfully Putt into the Hole.
    Smash Landing (Bronze): Earn your first Smashdown.
    And The Flowers Are Still Standing (Bronze): Get a Double Smashdown for the first time.
    The Secret Is In The Sauce (Bronze): Hit the Secret Sauce on 10 different Holes.
    It's Just A Jump To The Left (Bronze): Travel through your first Warp.
    Buzzer Beater (Silver): Sink a Zero Hour Putt.
    After Hours (Bronze): Complete Tour #1 "The Sorry Were Closed".
    Bowled Over (Bronze): Complete Tour #2 "The Super Fruit Bowl".
    Diabolical (Bronze): Complete Tour #3 "The Terribles".
    Welcome To The D-List! (Bronze): Complete Tour #4 "The No Celebrity Pro Am".
    Absolutely (Bronze): Complete Tour #5 "The Back of the Head with a Plastic Cup".
    Fully Comprehensive Damage (Bronze): Complete Tour #6 "The Vandals".
    Party Crasher (Bronze): Complete Tour #7 "The Your Not Invited Invitational".
    Can You Kick It? (Bronze): Complete Tour #8 "The Bucket List".
    Reservoir Golf (Bronze): Complete Tour #9 "The Idiots Championship".
    More Dangerous Than You Look. (Silver): Complete Tour #10 "The Dangerous Classic".
    This Means War (Bronze): Beat a Friend score for the first time.
    Film At Eleven.. (Bronze): Unlock your first Smash Headline.
    Watch It Happen (Bronze): Unlock your first Signature Smash.
    You're The Master of Disaster (Silver): Earn All Signature Smashes.
    Millionaires Club? (Bronze): Score over $2M in a Putting Challenge Hole.
    Jams It In! (Bronze): Sink your first Double Ricochet Putt.
    Rocket Shot (Bronze): Sink your first Triple Ricochet Putt.
    Wallbanger (Silver): Sink your first Quadruple Ricochet Putt.
    Liquid Adhesive (Bronze): Find some Glue for the first time.
    Smart Bomb (Bronze): Blow up 500 objects.
    It's a Swish (Bronze): Successfully perform your first Airstrike.
    Strike! (Bronze): Hit 500 objects with a bucket.
    Hazard Play (Bronze): Complete your first Hazard Hole.
    Take Another Shot! (Bronze): First Retee.
    Show Me The Money (Bronze): First time all Money Flags revealed.
    Oil Crisis (Bronze): Smash 500 Oil Cans in the Gas Station.
    Double Vision (Bronze): Destroy a pair of Mystery Items.
    Travel With A Friend (Bronze): Complete a World Tour in Co-Op.
    Testing Your Friendship (Gold): Complete all Tours in Co-Op.
    Gold Rush (Bronze): Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in the USA.
    Goldflinger (Bronze): Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in the UK.
    Gold Digger (Bronze): Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in Australia.
    Golden (Bronze): Earn all Single Player Gold Medals in France.
    You Have Been Watching.. (Bronze): Watch the Credits to our game.
    Too Many Secrets (Bronze): Travelled through a Warp 100 times.
    But Is It The Same Ball? (Bronze): Use a Warp to Putt the Ball into the Hole.
    No Such Thing as Bad Publicity (Silver): Unlock all the Smash Headlines.
    You Deserve a Medal (Bronze): Earn your first medal in Co-Op.
    Go Team! (Silver): Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in the USA.
    Top Hole! (Silver): Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in the UK.
    Green and Gold! (Silver): Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in Australia.
    Magnifique! (Silver): Earn all the Co-Op Gold Medals in France.
    It's a Cinderella Story (Bronze): Win an Offline Party Golf game.
    Take on the World (Bronze): Win your first game of Party Golf Online.
    Getting the Party Started (Bronze): Play your first Party Golf Game (on or offline).
    Showing Off Now (Silver): Earn all the Single Player Platinum Medals.
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